Divorce And The Dodgers

Divorce is not funny or fun in any way. I have known too many friends and relatives who have gone through a divorce to dismiss it as merely an annoyance in one’s life. Therefore, I try not to make snarky comments about marriages that are in the process of breaking up unless there is something that seems a bit outré about the situation. Such is the case with the divorce filings between Frank and Jamie McCourt. If the court filings are accurate and if California law applies here, the McCourts are worth $1.2B and the LA Dodgers are worth $800M. That means either the Dodgers get sold to make the 50/50 split of assets work or these two have to work together in some kind of joint manner to own/run the club. That does not look like it will happen easily given some of the demands made by Jamie McCourt in her filing. In addition to monthly payments to her of $488,928, she seeks:

    Travel by private jet and five-star hotel accommodations with an unlimited travel budget.

    Five business lunches and five business dinners per week.

    Access to Dodgers’ team doctors for her and other McCourt family members.

Trust me; that is a greatly abbreviated list. Somehow, I do not think the Dodgers will wind up in any “joint custody” arrangement for very long…

Baseball fans in Chicago believe that the Cubs are cursed by Billy goats and/or just about anything else that might explain why the Cubs have been absent form the World Series since forever. In LA, fans do not just believe – they know for sure – that the Clippers are a cursed franchise. If it can go wrong, it does go wrong. Now comes news that rookie Blake Griffin’s career will get a delayed start because he has a “broken kneecap”. Who put the hex on the Clippers? A consortium of Lord Voldemort, the Wicked Witch of the West and Beelzebub?

Speaking of the NBA, it was only about 6 weeks ago when Cavs’ shooting guard, Delonte West, was arrested for carrying concealed handguns and a shotgun in a guitar case while riding his motorcycle in the DC area. Those charges are still pending. Now, West has been arrested on charges of domestic abuse. OK, folks, we now have a rather routine exacta working here but if he wants to create a really exotic trifecta, Delonte West will have to go outside the “normal range” of athletes’ arrests for his third run in with John Law. Perhaps he can get himself charged with the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby…

Last weekend in college football, Nebraska lost to Iowa State in Lincoln Nebraska. They turned the ball over 8 times in the game, which is horrific in itself. To top that, the Cornhuskers turned the ball over 4 times inside the Iowa State 5-yard line. That goes beyond embarrassing…

Two weeks ago, Texas A&M lost to Kansas State by 48 points. Last weekend, Texas A&M beat Texas Tech by 32 points in Lubbock. That goes beyond embarrassing too…

Last year, Missouri was dominant in the Big 12 North and some thought they were BCS bowl game material until Texas showed that was not the case. This year, Missouri is 0-3 in conference play and has been outscored by a cumulative 95-36. That is merely embarrassing…

College football teams that are on a roll this year include:

    Cincinnati: The last time the Bearcats went 8-0 to start a season was in 1954

    Pitt: They are 7-1 having blown a big lead to lose to NC State. They play Cincinnati down the road.

    Iowa: The last time the Hawkeyes were 8-0 in a football season was – – never.

One of the best games this weekend will be USC/Oregon. Looking at the PAC-10, the winner here should be the PAC-10 participant in the BCS bowl series with a shot at being in the championship game. Do not underestimate the Oregon defense this year against a freshman QB…

Remember a couple of years ago when the Raiders hired Tom Walsh to be their offensive coordinator after he had been out of football for a few years and off running a B&B somewhere in Idaho if I remember properly. That did not turn out all that well for the Raiders. Now we have Danny Boy Snyder hiring Sherm Lewis – – initially as a “consultant” – – to be the offensive playcaller if not the actual offensive coordinator. Sherm Lewis had been out of football for a few years calling Bingo games at his local senior center. The nation saw on Monday night how big an improvement that management shuffle was for the Redskins on the field.

    Memo to Danny Boy Snyder: How can you think that this move can turn out to be anything better than “The Great Leap Sideways”?

    Do you actually believe that your Fairy Godmother is going to show up at FedEx Field later this year and wave her magic wand and turn this pumpkin of a squad into a competent football team? Because that is what it is going to take…

Greg Cote had a comment about another NFL woebegone franchise in the Miami Herald:

“New England-Tampa Bay on Sunday marks the third consecutive year for an NFL regular-season game in London. We are trying to expose Brits to the best that American football has to offer. And, yet, sent the Bucs anyway!”

No discussion of stinkitude in the NFL this season can be complete without a mention of the Cleveland Browns. Just consider some stats for the team about halfway through the 20090 season:

    Browns are 31st in the league on offense and 32nd in the league in defense. In case you forgot, there are 32 teams in the NFL…

    Browns are 31st in the league in first downs made and 31st in the league in first downs allowed.

    Derek Anderson’s QB rating is 40.6. To put perspective on that, Raiders’ QB, JaMarcus Russell, has a QB rating of 47.2.

    On third down, Derek Anderson’s stat line reads, 17-50 with 1 TD and 5 INTs.

    What makes those last two “bullet items” even worse is that with such pathetic performance by Anderson, Brady Quinn cannot even sniff the field on Sunday.

About a week ago, I commented on Josh McDaniels and Jim Caldwell beginning their head coaching careers in the NFL with long unbeaten streaks. I got a note from a reader in Houston, TX who is a font of historical statistical information. Here is the text of his note in its entirety:

“Speaking of McDaniels and Caldwell being undefeated, the last head coach to begin his career with a longer regular-season winning streak was Wally Lemm, who began his career with a 10-game winning streak for the 1961 Oilers (9-0 regular season) and the 1962 Cardinals (won opening game). (Lemm’s Oilers also won the AFL Championship Game after the 1961 season.)”

Finally, here is another comment from Greg Cote in the Miami Herald:

“I saw the headline, ‘Skateboarding pioneer Andy Kessler dies.’ There is something odd about the phrase ‘skateboarding pioneer.’ It’s sort of like calling someone a ‘hula hoop legend.’ “

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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  • Eric K.  On October 29, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    Talk about rock-paper-scissors:

    10/10 Texas Tech 66 Kansas State 14
    10/17 Kansas State 62 Texas A&M 14
    10/24 Texas A&M 52 Texas Tech 30

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On November 3, 2009 at 11:15 pm


    Sort of like last year when Texas Tech/Texas and Oklahoma all beat each other…

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