Monthly Archives: October 2009

Admin Note

There will be no Mythical Picks this week for NCAA or NFL football. I don’t know if I will have time to do Mythical Picks next week either. I am in transit to visit my son and my daughter-in-law and my grandson for this weekend and will attend a family wedding next weekend. Most likely, […]

Divorce And The Dodgers

Divorce is not funny or fun in any way. I have known too many friends and relatives who have gone through a divorce to dismiss it as merely an annoyance in one’s life. Therefore, I try not to make snarky comments about marriages that are in the process of breaking up unless there is something […]

Get Your Lemonade Here…

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When the sports world gives me a mishmash of items, I write a disjointed rant with lots of unconnected stuff. The NBA season started on Tuesday night. The wild acclaim that you heard on a nationwide basis to accompany this momentous event was easily equivalent to the sound […]

The Good, The Bad And THE UGLY

This was a weekend where a few teams in the NFL showed themselves to be what they truly are – – miserable excuses for professional football teams. In a league that seeks “parity” with all sorts of interventions like a common draft and a salary cap, in a league that still clings to the idea […]

So Long – And Thanks For All The Fish…

According to a report in this morning’s Washington Post, Donald Fehr will get a severance package worth $11M from MLBPA when he steps down as the Executive Director. I have never been a fan of Donald Fehr. Most of the folks in the media relish taking pot-shots at Bud Selig; I think Donald Fehr is […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 10/25/09

A subset of these picks will become actual picks sometime on Saturday and it will be perfectly legal. This is my annual weekend visit to Las Vegas and I will spend a lot more time in the sportsbooks than I do at all other Las Vegas activities combined. However, I must confess that this year […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 10/24/09

This week’s iteration of NCAA Mythical Picks has to use early week lines on the games and less information in injury reports than usual. The reason is that I am making my Annual Autumnal Pilgrimage to Las Vegas this weekend and have to get these done earlier than usual. The Linfield College Wildcats are not […]

A Unique NFL Event…

Today marks the anniversary of a unique NFL event. On this date in 1973, Fred Dryer playing defensive end for the LA Rams recorded two safeties in the same game. Actually, they came on two consecutive possessions by the Green Bay Packers in that game. You would probably not be shocked to learn that the […]

A Question About the Rams’ Offense…

The St. Louis Rams are going exactly nowhere on offense this year. They have played Marc Bulger at QB; they have played Kyle Boller at QB; and the Rams score about as frequently as The Elephant Man. The third string QB on the depth chart is a guy from West Texas A&M named Keith Null. […]

The NFC East Wets The Bed…

It must have been NFC East Bed-Wetting Weekend; did I miss the memo? The NY Giants took their undefeated record to New Orleans to play the similarly undefeated Saints. When two good teams meet, one should expect a close and interesting game. But not on NFC East Bed-Wetting Weekend. It was never close; the Saints […]