Monthly Archives: August 2009

I Just Don’t Care…

I keep a running list of things that are annoying, overblown, or perhaps simply irrelevant that keep coming up in the sports world. When that list gets to a point that it provides sufficient material to fill a rant, I run through the inventory and start a new list. As you probably have guessed, my […]

Admin Note

I am off on another traveling binge for the next 10 days. This time I will be in the US and I should have Internet access. However, I do not know how much time I will have to write and gather material. My plan is to write two rants next week and to do the […]

You Are The General Manager…

Let’s play a game today. Let’s play “You Are The General Manager”. Suppose you are a GM in the NBA and you have decided that your team would really benefit by adding a veteran guard. Who is your choice here? A. Allen Iverson: After all, AI is known as “The Answer” although there is some […]

Asshats !

Thanks to a report from the Associated Press yesterday, we can sleep well tonight in the full knowledge that binge beer drinking – at least on one college campus – is now under control: “Wisconsin football fans listening to games on the radio this fall will hear few, if any, beer ads for the first […]

Kudos To The Washington Post

Eric Prisbell and Steve Yanda of the Washington Post often team up on big reporting efforts that generate insights into collegiate and amateur sports in the US. In yesterday’s edition, they wrote about fans of various colleges who acquire media credentials and then interact with potential recruits for their favorite colleges. The NCAA rules say […]

Reality Sinks In

Call it “Reality Sinks In Day”. Today marks the point in the season whereby the first MLB team achieves sufficient stinkitude that it cannot have a winning season. The Washington Nationals lost yesterday and that was their 81st loss of the season assuring that they will not be over .500 for the season. Oh, by […]

Vaya Con Dios, Nick Charles

Back in the days when CNN actually telecast news and not interview/opinion programming on a 24/7 basis, Nick Charles and Fred Hickman teamed up as the anchors on CNN’s nightly sports roundup. I recall Nick Charles from a previous stint that he did with a Baltimore TV station as the sports director there. He has […]

How Does A “Final Four” Become A “Final Three”?

Are any of you surprised even a little bit that the NCAA investigation of Memphis turned up enough “irregularities” that the university will be stripped of its Final Four appearance two years ago? There is a double exacta at work here, folks. Twice now, Memphis has vacated a Final Four appearance due to “violations”; once […]

The Future Is – – Opening Day 2011?

By now, you must have heard the litany about how young pitchers taken first in the MLB draft have underperformed relative to expectations. The Nationals’ signing of Stephen Strasburg to a record $15.1M deal – – far short of the $50M that Scott Boras threw out as a target number – – has brought all […]

Great Mysteries Resolved

Well, I go away for a weekend and two of the big unknowns in the sporting world resolve themselves – – will Brett Favre play again and where will Michael Vick wind up in the NFL. I will be taking another trip at the end of the month and so I can probably assume that […]