Monthly Archives: July 2009

Admin Note – – Off The Air For A While

My long-suffering wife and I are about to begin a two-month period of traveling. Between now and Labor Day, we will be in 6 foreign countries and five US cities – – only one of the cities is within driving distance from our home. The trip that begins on 6 July will take us to […]

Rest In Peace, Steve McNair

I certainly did not know Steve McNair. All reports are that he was a good person in addition to being a good football player. I will remember him as an intense competitor who played the game with class and sportsmanship. Requiescat in pace, Steve McNair. With Manny Ramirez returning to the Dodgers last weekend, it […]

Best Damned Sports Show Bites The Dust

According to news reports this week, FOX will discontinue Best Damned Sports Show after almost eight years on the air. The final new show has been taped and the network will put on re-runs through mid-August. I must say that its absence from the airwaves will not bring a wave of sadness into my life. […]

Job Stability In Detroit…

When I was a kid, my grandfather, who had come to this country as an immigrant with a tradesman skill, believed that education was the way to a better life for his kids and grandkids. Nonetheless, he held onto the idea that one should always have a trade/skill to fall back on if necessary. His […]

Sports Finances – – NHL Style

The Montreal Canadiens have a new owner. Someone in the family that brews Molson beer paid something north of $500M to buy the team and the arena they play in. The previous owner, George Gillett, is a 50% owner of the Liverpool soccer club in England – – along with Texas Rangers’ owner Tom Hicks […]