Monthly Archives: May 2009

Brief Hiatus

I will be off the air for a couple of days. I am taking a long weekend to visit my grandson and his parents in Ann Arbor. I will probably be back here next Tuesday or Wednesday. Please check back then. Have a good weekend all…

NCAA Alleges Major Violations At Memphis…

The news of the morning has to be the NCAA formally charging Memphis University with “major violations” during the 2007-08 basketball season. According to AP reports and the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the NCAA charges the basketball program with “knowing fraudulence or misconduct” related to an SAT exam for a player who participated on the Final […]

NBA Ramblings…

Just two days ago, I mentioned how the Cavs/Magic game from last weekend had been devoid of flow and rhythm due to all the fouls called in that game. Then on Monday night, the Lakers and Nuggets had their playoff game interrupted by another parade to the foul line. A total of 84 free throws […]

Offbeat Baseball Stuff

Randy Johnson won the 299th game in his career over the weekend. That has led to several columns from around the country saying that we should savor his next win because Randy Johnson may be the last 300-game winner in MLB. The logic behind that assertion is that baseball has changed markedly in the last […]

Cavs/Magic Game Last Night – A Foul Experience

By this stage of the NBA Playoffs, you should expect to see good teams playing intense and competitive basketball games. Last night, the Cavs and the Magic – two good teams – played an intense game that was close from beginning to end. It should have been great entertainment but it was not. The reason […]

Hope You Did Your Homework – – Surprise Quiz Today

Yesterday marked the beginning of the WNBA Exhibition Season. In this morning’s Washington Post, the report of the Washington Mystics loss in their first exhibition game was all of six lines long and was taken from wire service reports. That pretty much gives you an idea of how important the Mystics are in the Washington […]

“Welcome Back Day”

Yesterday must have been “Welcome Back Day” but no one let me in on that. Is this the latest of the Hallmark Card Co.’s holiday inventions? If so, Curmudgeon Central never got the memo. Nonetheless, here are some “Welcome Backs”: Welcome back, Dontrelle Willis. Yesterday morning I read that he pitched six and a third […]

Mishmash Today – – Or Maybe A Muddle?

I have a wide range of stuff on the clipboard for today so the best way to attack the muddle is one item at a time. Steelers’ linebacker, James Harrison, says that he will not join his Super Bowl Champion teammates for the traditional visit to the White House because: “If you want to see […]

Tony Kornheiser Leaving MNF

ESPN announced yesterday that Jon Gruden will replace Tony Kornheiser on MNF. According to the official statement, Kornheiser opted out of this assignment because of his fear of flying – an actual fear of being in an airplane and not a fear of having to read Erica Jong’s horrid novel of the same name. Today […]

The Economy And The NBA

I doubt that I will need a long time to convince most of you that the economy is still far less than robust; but in case you need reminding, here is a single tidbit to consider. According to an article in the Seattle Times, the city of Tacoma, Washington advertised a job opening for a […]