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The Madness of March 2009 – Not Necessarily Basketball

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but March is going out like a lamb around here. Nevertheless, I want to begin with a Quick Quiz today relative to the month of March 2009. For this month that will pass soon into history, what was the real March Madness? A. The […]

NCAA Tournament Comments

The NCAA Tournament cut the field from 16 to 4 over the weekend. While the first weekend of the tournament is great from the standpoint of the volume and the diversity of games, this is the weekend where one normally finds the greatest concentration of good, competitive games played by teams who are “on their […]

The OFF Ramp On The Road To The Final Four

The fact that UConn beat Purdue last night was not shocking. The fact that Missouri – or anyone else for that matter – could score in triple digits against Memphis in a tournament game was shocking. The fact that Pitt and Xavier played a defensive game “in the fifties” was not shocking. The ease with […]

WBC – Done; Spring Training – Almost Done; Baseball – Aahhh…

Spring Training is ending – mercifully. The WBC is finished – mercifully. I have ignored baseball commentary for too long now, so here are some observations about our national pastime. The Pittsburgh Pirates are on the cusp of baseball history. If the Pirates have a losing season in 2009 – – and by any projection […]

It’s The Economy, Stupid.

For those of you who still believe that the world of sports is somehow above all of the economic turmoil, please consider: A. The man who owns the Montreal Canadians of the NHL and who also owns a 50% stake in the Liverpool FC of the Barclay English Premier League has just hired an investment […]

Starting Off With A Tennis Note Today…

Over the weekend, I received an e-mail from a former colleague who has read these rants for a long time now. He told me to stop obsessing with the NCAA Tournament and to focus on some tennis tournament in California; he said that would set these rants apart from everyone else and would “double my […]

NCAA Tournament – First Weekend

The first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament is over; 48 games in 4 days make for quite a smorgasbord. With the help of our DVR and streaming coverage on the computer, I was able to see some of every game even though my long-suffering wife accepted a social invitation on Saturday evening. Thirty years […]

NCAA Tournament – Day 2

Well, the lower seeded teams surely did better on Friday than they did on Thursday in the first round of NCAA Tournament play this year. Friday’s games were much more exciting than Thursday’s were – – despite the fact that the day started off with a desperately awful game between Syracuse and Steven F. Austin. […]

A Day Of Tournament Watching

After a major day of watching NCAA Tournament games, let me say something heretical about mid-majors. They make wonderful stories when they win a few games in the tournament and for those instances – about one a year – you need to have mid-majors in the tournament field. Notwithstanding the feelgood story lines they can […]

Bye Week Good/Bye Week Bad

In the NFL, teams play with the intention of getting a bye week in the playoffs and teams who get the bye week tend to do well after that week off. In college basketball, teams can get the equivalent of a bye week if they know they will be in the NCAA Tournament anyway; all […]