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Redskins Win Spring Super Bowl Yet Again

The NFL Free Agency Season has begun and – per usual – the Washington Redskins are out front of everyone in their annual quest to win the Super Bowl in March. They have signed Albert Haynesworth to a seven-year deal worth $100M and they also resigned DeAngelo Hall to a new deal. Unfortunately for Skins’ […]

A Boring NBA Experience

Three friends of mine – I actually do have friends – have a multi-game plan to see the Washington Wizards and they have really good seats on one of the club levels. Yesterday afternoon, the wife of one of these guys had to go to the emergency room so there was no way he was […]

Jim Calhoun For Governor?

By now, you must have seen the replay of the “Jim Calhoun news conference/confrontation” at least a dozen times. Many have said that the question posed to him was inappropriate because of the time and place where it was asked; many have said that Calhoun was far too thin-skinned and over-reacted to the questioning. Whatever… […]

The Danny Almonte Scam Was Nothing Compared To This

Danny Almonte can step aside. He is no longer the biggest con artist in terms of lying about his age in baseball. All he – and the folks around him – did was to pull the wool over the eyes of some Little League volunteers who let a 14-year-old compete against and dominate 12-year-olds. [Aside: […]

Reviewing Two Weeks Of “Stuff”

Cue Gene Autry: I’m back in the saddle again… Today’s commentary will deal with events that have gone down while I have been away. I am sure that I have missed some of the inanities of the sports world in the past two weeks, but the stuff here refuses to be ignored. Regarding all of […]

Admin Note

I shall be off the air for about two weeks. It has been a cold winter here in the DC suburbs and my long-suffering wife and I have decided that migratory birds have gotten it right. We need to go where it is warm. We leave for Guatemala tomorrow. We’ll be back on the 19th. […]

Odds And Ends…

I have a bunch of things I want to clear from my clipboard today; and to start things off, I want you to put yourself in the role of a baseball arbitrator. A player and a team have not agreed on a contract and you have two salary numbers in front of you. According to […]

Strange Stuff Today

In a recent column, Jerry Greene of the Orlando Sentinel reported on a poll done by ESPN Magazine on the sports that fans thought were fixed. Here is what he reported: 1. Pro ‘rassling 75% thought it was fixed 2. Boxing 48% 3. NBA 38% 4. Horseracing 26% 5. Football 14% 6. NCAA BB 11% […]

2008 NFL Pre-Season Predictions – – The Post-Mortem

Remember back to those days in high school when you took an exam for which you had not prepared nearly as much – or as well – as you should have. When the exams were graded and returned, you had a small sense of apprehension as you went to peek at your grade for the […]

National Signing Day – – Why The Fuss?

“National Signing Day” came and went yesterday – – thankfully. For reasons beyond my comprehension, many folks pay lots of attention to where a bunch of high school football players chooses to go to college to play football. Multiple hundreds of these kids are tracked and rated and projected by fanboys to be superstars. Many […]