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Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend Of 11/2/08

I am writing this on the Eve of the Feast of All Hallowed Souls. Therefore, Happy Halloween to all. Last week’s Mythical Picks were bad. There is no way to spin it such that it might appear as if they were anything other than bad The OVER/UNDER picks were 2-4 for the week bringing the […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend Of 11/1/08

Once again, the NCAA Mythical Picks are out early this week. It’s a long story as to why they have to be out today in order to be out before Saturday’s games and I am positive that no one cares about the details; so let the Mythical Picks begin… Linfield College took it on the […]

Phillies Win It All

The Phillies are World Series Champions for the second time in their franchise history. Game 5 had – by my calculations – a 46.5-hour rain/weather delay; that has to be a World Series record. Television ratings for this World Series were not good up to the final game and I suspect they were not stupendous […]

World Series and MMA Today

When I put the baseball powers-that-be into “Tuesdays With The Sorries” yesterday, I thought I might have been over-reacting to the situation. Based on listening to folks on ESPN Radio and reading commentaries from baseball writers around the country, my apprehension was uncalled for. Most everyone seems to agree that having the World Series decided […]

Tuesdays With The Sorries – 10/28/08

I am back from Las Vegas; I got some sleep last night; there is coffee to kickstart my cardiovascular system. OK, everything seems in place for the preparation of this week’s rendition of “Tuesdays With The Sorries”. As usual, I will begin with the NCAA “Sorries” and cite first and foremost the performance of the […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend Of 10/26/08

Last week was another mediocre week for Mythical Picks – – but that sure beats the unmitigated disaster from two weeks ago. For this week, I am making these selections based on early to mid-week lines and without any of the NFL injury reports because I am catching a plane to Las Vegas for an […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend Of 10/25/08

The Mythical Picks this week are out early for a simple reason. I will not be in Curmudgeon Central on Friday because I will be on the AAP (Annual Autumnal Pilgrimage) to Las Vegas this weekend. I shall involve myself with the Breeders’ Cup and the World Series and college football games and NFL games […]

World Series Game One – – OUTSTANDING

I can understand if you tuned into the first game of the World Series last night and heard the Backstreet Boys massacre the National Anthem how you might have hit the remote and gone to another channel. That was one of the most brutal renditions of the anthem that I have ever heard – – […]

Cooking Gumbo…

Someone once said that the word “gumbo” is the Cajun word that means, “yeah, throw some of that in the pot too…” Whether or not that etymological assertion has any culinary accuracy is not important because gumbo just simply tastes good. Today, I hope to whip up a batch of gumbo with lots of different […]

Tuesdays With The Sorries 10/21/08

The Mamas and The Papas sang: “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day…” Well, here in Curmudgeon Central I want you to be able to trust Tuesdays completely and so once again, it is time for “Tuesdays With The Sorries” and here they come… Michigan led Penn State by 10 points twice in their game last […]