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Tuesdays With The Sorries – 9/30/08

Like General MacArthur, I have returned; and I have with me this week’s version of “Tuesdays With The Sorries”. But just to change things up a bit, I’ll start with the NFL this week and move to the colleges later on. The Arizona Cardinals sought to avoid two consecutive trips from the west to the […]

A Different Kind of Fantasy Baseball

If you are a fantasy baseball enthusiast, you might enjoy this fantasy. I just gave you the job of General Manager of a Major League baseball team. I now continue to wave my magic wand; and this winter, you will be offered a trade in which you receive Prince Fielder from the Brewers in exchange […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend Of 9/27/08

Last week, the Mythical Picks were en fuego; the overall record was 13-6. If things go true to form, they will be en hielo this week. The Over/Under Picks last weekend were 7-3 bringing the season totals for Over/Under Picks much closer to respectability. These picks are still under .500 at 10-12. The Against the […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend Of 9/27/08

You may recall that I said last week that I had a hunch that Ball State might just rise up and beat Indiana. Pardon me while I gloat; Ball State won by 22 points. Before the season started, Jason Whitlock – – a Ball State alum – – said they might be a sleeper team […]

The NFL – – Broader Perspectives

NFL fans tend to get caught up in the results of a single weekend so thoroughly that they can miss the “broader perspective”, so let me try to offer some of that perspective here in the middle of a week. Let me begin by posing this question: What is the worst football organization in the […]

Tuesdays With The Sorries

It’s Tuesday so this must be Belgium? Not exactly. Here in Curmudgeon Central, Tuesday means it is time for “Tuesdays With The Sorries”… Some of the sorry performances in college football from last weekend were not downright embarrassing – such as when Idaho lost 70-0 – but one that jumped out at me was the […]

Yankee Stadium Is No More

In case you have been asleep for the entirety of the baseball season, they played the last game ever in Yankee Stadium yesterday. Forget that this is not the “House that Ruth built” – it has already been renovated once – and go along with the hype that this is the end of an era […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 9/21/08

Overall, last week’s picks came out ahead but not by much. The good news was that Against The Spread, the picks were 8-3 making the ATS picks for the year a cumulative 13-8. That’s a 62% win record and you can hammer your local bookie with that kind of win percentage over the course of […]

Ed Hochuli’s Blown Call

I purposely intended not to write about the truly bad call made by Ed Hochuli in last Sunday’s Chargers/Broncos game, which cost the Chargers a win. I thought that the six thousand replays of that error on TV from Sunday night until Monday noon would make everyone realize how bad the error was. I thought […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend Of 9/13/08

Earlier this week, I talked about some of the sorry-assed performances of last weekend. There just cannot be that many more of them coming, can there? Because I want to put at least a couple of positive things into these rants, I want to follow the Linfield College Wildcats through the season. Linfield College has […]