Beneficiaries Of Yankee Stadium Ticket Prices Next Season

In the past, I have mentioned the unbelievable prices for tickets to the new Yankee Stadium next year. Here is another example from Charlie Walters’ column in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press:

“In 1993, tickets at Yankee Stadium, 18 rows from the on-deck circle, cost $12. Last season, those same seats cost $125 apiece, and this season, without warning buyers, they increased to $250 each. In the team’s new stadium next season, the same seats will cost $850 a game.”

You know who should be happy about those price increases? Teams like the Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers. Those teams do not play to capacity crowds very often and when the Yankees come to town next year – if they indeed make it to Washington and/or Pittsburgh, there should be Yankee fans from NYC following the team in droves. For a couple to go and see three games at Yankee Stadium next year, the cost can easily top $2000 and could get into the $3500 range easily. For that price, they could fly to one of those nearby cities, rent a hotel room, catch a three game series, fly home and not spend anywhere near $3000.

I read that Manny Ramirez and Rod Carew both went to the same high school in Manhattan. So, that leads me to the question:

    Who is the best baseball player to come out of George Washington High School (Manhattan)?

I would vote for Rod Carew but it would be close…

There is a bunch of NFL “stuff” that has been accumulating during these Olympics times and I want to get through a bunch of it. The mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, is a flamboyant character to be sure. He wants a major league sports franchise in Las Vegas very badly; but absent achieving that end, Mayor Goodman has another idea to offer. He has proposed building a stadium in Las Vegas that will seat 80,000 folks and he suggests that stadium could be the permanent home of the Super Bowl and all Monday Night Football games. Hey, you cannot say this guy does not think outside the box; in fact, he is so far out there that he has lost track of the fact that there is a box somewhere.

Obviously, the Vegas sportsbooks will not be setting any odds on this proposition actually happening as proposed by Hizzoner; but informally, I would put the odds here at about 1000 – 1 against…

Greg Cote had this comment in the Miami Herald relevant to the Dolphins acquisition of Chad Pennington:

“Bringing in Pennington to baby-sit the job until future starter Chad Henne is ready marks the unveiling of the Dolphins’ evolving All-Chad Quarterback Strategy. Chads haven’t gotten this much attention in South Florida since the 2000 presidential election”.

Pennington had a good start to his career and what seemed to be a bright future but he faded in recent years. He was a less than wonderful 1-7 as a starting QB with the Jets last year. Now he gets a chance to shine again in Miami…

Another player who had a good start to his career and seemed destined for fame and stardom was Julius Peppers. Last year, he did not have much support from the rest of his defensive line mates and his stats sagged to less than journeyman levels; he had 2.5 sacks for the season. Peppers cannot repeat that performance this year lest his career crashes and burns…

The Chicago Bears have taken the concept of a quarterback controversy to a completely new dimension of space-time. The argument in Chicago is not so much about whether Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman should be the starter; the argument is about whether or not either should be allowed to be the starter. By the way, the “winner” of this QB competition gets to play behind a really sub-standard offensive line while the “loser” here gets to hold a clipboard in relative safety on the sidelines. At some point in this saga, you could expect Rod Serling to step out and tell you that the Bears have just entered The Twilight Zone.

Let me offer some good news/bad news points here:

    Good News: Adam Archuletta has an NFL job.

    Bad News: It’s with the Oakland Raiders.

    Good News: The Raiders will make him into a linebacker.

    Bad News: Coaching staffs in both Washington and Chicago couldn’t figure out that he can’t play safety so they never tried to move him to linebacker.

The Packers had planned a huge celebration to retire Brett Favre’s jersey on the opening week of MNF. ESPN was going to have just about everyone associated with its NFL coverage onsite in Lambeau Field. It was going to be a gala event. Obviously, the Packers have put that celebration/ceremony on ice for the time being. Surely, ESPN will change its plans, no?

In the 2005 NFL Draft, USC wide receiver Mike Williams “slipped” to #10. He had been projected as a high pick the year before but lost his NCAA eligibility and his NFL “eligibility” in the Maurice Clarett caper. However, many people thought he was a sure thing to become a stud at wide receiver. Well, Williams’ career never amounted to a pinch of platypus puke; and now, he is available to anyone that wants him. Basically, he ate his way out of the league and showed himself to be extremely unreliable at things like showing up for meetings/practices on time.

Playing football for the Philadelphia Eagles may cause players to experience identity crises. Consider that CB William James changed his name from Will Peterson two years ago and that OT William Thomas changed his name from Tra Thomas last year. This year, the identity crises doubled on the Eagles’ roster. Defensive end, Juqua Thomas changed his name to Juqua Parker and William Thomas changed his name back to Tra Thomas. For sure in Philly, you cannot tell the players without a scorecard…

Finally, here is something from Dwight Perry in the Seattle Times:

“Brett Favre and other NFL greats have joined chef Bobby Flay in producing the ‘Sunday Night Football Cookbook’ for charity.

“So what’s the Favre recipe for, All-Pro Waffles?”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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