Mostly Weekend Observations Today…

Just a few comments on some Olympics items lest they go to waste in the back of the refrigerator:

    The so-called Redeem Team had games against Spain and Germany that some prognosticators said would be tough games. The US beat Spain by 37; they beat Germany by 49. The difference between this team and previous US Olympic Basketball teams made up of NBA players is that this one plays defense and they share the ball.

    If you did not see Usain Bolt win the gold medal 100-meter dash, go find it and watch it. Not only does he break the existing world record by .03 seconds, but he does that while he “cruises” for the last 10-15 meters.

    I swear I saw one of the track and field athletes in one of the heats with the Olympic Rings tattooed on his biceps. I do not know who it was; I came in as the heat was ongoing and caught a glimpse of it as the camera followed the runners down the stretch. Here is the question:

      Did he have to pay the IOC a fee to get that tattoo? If not, isn’t that copyright infringement?

    Let me put two items in juxtaposition here. First, women’s beach volleyball is on NBC a whole lot. Second, softball will not be included in future Olympic Games. Now, just suppose that Jenny Finch pitched in the same uniform that the women’s beach volleyball players wear. Do you think NBC might exert some influence on the IOC to keep softball in the Olympic Games? Just asking…

    If you ever want to understand the concept of weight maintenance and the importance of balancing caloric intake with energy expenditures, look at Michael Phelps. In training, he eats 12,000 calories per day. If he were not in training and ate that much, he would look like Refrigerator Perry in less than a year.

A friend sent me a trivia question and told me not to use Google because it would be too easy to get the answer there. I did not use Google and came close to the answer. I will present it here and provide my wrong answer and the correct answer below:

    In the baseball Hall of Fame, what surname has the most inductees and how many?

In the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp is an offensive tackle named Corey Lekkerkerker. Without looking, I will assert that he leads the NFL in the number of “Ks” in his surname…

Several years ago, Darrell Russell was killed in a car accident. You may recall Russell as a talented but troubled defensive tackle who ran afoul of the NFL substance abuse rules more than once and who had more than a couple of run-ins with the law. Russell’s estate is now suing the LA Transit authorities claiming that a bus was parked in a no parking zone and that bus was the instrument of Russell’s death. Here is a description of what happened from an article in 2005:

“Russell, 29, was a passenger in a car driven by former USC teammate Mike Bastianelli that went out of control about 6 a.m. and hit a curb, tree, newsstand, fire hydrant, light pole, another tree and an unoccupied transit bus…”

If this suit fails, maybe the estate can sue the fire hydrant manufacturer next?

I watched most of the Redskins/Jets exhibition game over the weekend. I have come to two conclusions from that game:

    1. The reason the Jets traded for Brett Favre is because Kellen Clemens is several years away from becoming a mediocre starting QB in the NFL.

    2. Vernon Gholston cannot play OLB. If the Jets do not move him inside or beef him up to play DE, they will rue the day they spent a high draft pick and a ton of guaranteed money on this guy – reported to be in the $20M range. As an OLB, Gholston might make fans think of other draft day disasters such as Tony Mandarich, Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith…

I read that Saints’ DT, Hollis Thomas, is out for eight weeks with a torn triceps. The Saints list Thomas at 6 feet tall and 335 lbs. If he is not going to be working out for eight weeks, he might return to practice weighing almost as much as the moon. [See reference to Michael Phelps above…]

Regarding the Cowboys/Broncos exhibition game, the Cowboys pass defense was riddled by Jay Cutler. I understand this is the exhibition season, but there were plenty of first-string defenders on the field when all this happened. The Cowboys were 13-3 last year and Coach Wade Phillips has told Cowboy fans that he has his ring finger ready this year. Folks, that will not happen with a pass defense that plays the way it did last weekend.

Time for the trivia question answer. I thought I had it nailed when I realized that there were three “Robinsons” in the Hall of Fame – - Frank, Jackie and Wilburt. I did not realize that there were also three “Browns” and three “Johnsons” in Cooperstown. So, I was wrong. The answer is there are four “Williams” in the Hall of Fame – - Billy, Ted, Dick and Joe. I forgot that Dick Williams was inducted just this year and must admit that Joe Williams rang no bells with me.

Finally, the Minnesota Twins recently drafted a pitcher from Tulane named Shooter Hunt. Why isn’t this guy in the Olympics archery competition?

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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