Monthly Archives: August 2008

NCAA Mythical Picks – – Weekend of 8/30/08

I would like to believe that someone noticed that I did not do Mythical Picks last year. That would give me an incentive to do them all the way through this football season. However, I do not really have a whole list of things I would rather do; so, I will do them anyhow. For […]

RIP, Gene Upshaw

I want to offer a belated RIP to Gene Upshaw who passed away last week. It seems that it became fashionable to criticize Gene Upshaw for being too easy in his negotiations with the NFL on behalf of the players. I never understood that criticism. At the moment, the players get 60% (give or take […]

Three Recommended Readings

Here is another great column by Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle about China – – this time about a trip to the Great Wall. If you liked that one, here is his “Farewell to China”… And here is Scott Ostler doing Olympic “take-outs”. This is his specialty…

The Baseball Odyssey

The “Baseball Odyssey” is over. In the company of two high school classmates, I made my way around the state of Ohio last week taking in four baseball games in three days. Of course, a good time was had by all. We had great weather and baseball games to enjoy. You would have to be […]

Off The Air For A Short Time

Starting later today, two friends from high school and I will set out on a “Baseball Odyssey”. One of my companions has dubbed our little group the “Boys of Summer” as we go and take in baseball games each year. This year, we will catch four games in three days. The home teams will be […]

Not Often I Can Lead With A Sumo Wrestling Item…

According to an article in yesterday’s Washington Post, a Russian born sumo wrestler in Japan – sumo name is Wakanoho – lost his wallet in Tokyo back in June. Someone found the wallet and turned it over to the police. The police were able to trace it to him but not all is well at […]

Beneficiaries Of Yankee Stadium Ticket Prices Next Season

In the past, I have mentioned the unbelievable prices for tickets to the new Yankee Stadium next year. Here is another example from Charlie Walters’ column in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press: “In 1993, tickets at Yankee Stadium, 18 rows from the on-deck circle, cost $12. Last season, those same seats cost $125 apiece, and this […]

Trivia Question Addendum…

An alert reader pointed out to me that Brooks Robinson is also in the HoF – – I should have remembered that – – and so there are indeed four “Robinsons” in the baseball HoF along with four “Williams”. How did I remember Wilbert Robinson and forget Brooks Robinson? Those synapses work in mysterious ways…

Mostly Weekend Observations Today…

Just a few comments on some Olympics items lest they go to waste in the back of the refrigerator: The so-called Redeem Team had games against Spain and Germany that some prognosticators said would be tough games. The US beat Spain by 37; they beat Germany by 49. The difference between this team and previous […]

I’m No Economist But This Doesn’t Add Up

On more than a few occasions, I have wondered aloud why cities and countries go out of their way to host the Olympics. I guess there is some dimension of national pride involved; but unless the city/country doing the hosting is one in serious need of the infrastructure investment that hosting demands, there is no […]