Monthly Archives: July 2008

I’ll Take Chris Evert For $103M, Alex…

When Greg Norman inserted himself back into the news of sports with his first three rounds of the British Open a couple of weeks ago, it renewed attention to his messy divorce and his dalliance with Chris Evert that was a part of that divorce. Frankly, I had paid just about no attention to these […]

Looking To The Olympics…

The Olympics will begin a week from Friday. Since I will be away for part of next week, I want to focus on “Olympic stuff” today. The latest estimate that I read is that the Chinese government has spent $42B preparing for these games including a few really big-ticket items such as the new airport […]

Is The Drought Over?

The Philadelphia Soul beat the San Jose SaberCats in the Arena Bowl yesterday. That makes the Soul the champions of the Arena League. The last team in Philly to win a championship was the Sixers in 1983 with Moses Malone and Dr. J. So, the interesting question now for sports fans in Philly is this: […]

Danica Patrick vs. Milka Duno – – Two Out Of Three Falls?

Now that a little time has passed since the pit-area dust-up between Danica Patrick and Milka Duno – – you have to have seen the video of that at least ten times by now on the various ESPN and FSN outlets – – I got to thinking about the “confrontation”. Just how many “confrontations” has […]

Not A Lot Of Good News Today

There are two WNBA stories that have made the “headline lists” on various sports news sites today. And those two stories demonstrate rather clearly the irrelevance of the WNBA. The first story is about ten suspensions handed out by the league following a brawl between the LA and Detroit teams. Detroit assistant coach Rick Mahorn […]

We’ve Seen This Movie Before…

When I was a kid, I would go to the movies on Saturday afternoon. One genre of film that I liked was the old “horror flick” – not the new ones with gaudy special effects. I mean the ones with Bela Lugosi as Dracula and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein. Each of those films had innumerable […]

Brandon Jennings Isn’t Curt Flood – – Exactly

Back in May 2004, I wrote that the NCAA was a necessary evil. I said then that it provided an organizing body to put on championships for dozens of non-revenue sports that could not do so on their own and that it put on the single best large-scale athletic event of all, March Madness. Having […]

No Tiger; Golf Is In The Tank

When it became apparent after the US Open that Tiger Woods would play no more golf this year, I said that the TV execs who had prepaid for the broadcast rights for golf tournaments had to be despondent. Well, some data now exist to show that if they were not feeling badly then, they ought […]

Meet Mr. Cranky Today

Sometimes when you sit down in a restaurant and look at the menu, you just know you are going to have a wonderful meal. You look at the choices in front of you and so many of them look so appealing. Well, today I’m looking at my “menu” of sports topics for commentary and I […]

The Sad State Of Boxing

It was more than ten years ago that I first said to a friend and colleague that the sport of boxing was morphing into pro wrestling. The occasion for that comment was when some guy jumped up to the ring ropes to interrupt a championship bout. That had been standard fare in pro wrestling for […]