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Administrative Note

These rants will be on hiatus for the next three weeks or so. My long-suffering wife and I are leaving for a trip to China and we don’t get back until 5 June. Given the LONG flight home and the 12 hour time change, I doubt I’ll be writing for several days after that. Our […]

Barry Bonds’ Indictment Gets Worse…

Well, the Feds upped the ante in the Barry Bonds case. The indictment has been amended to include 14 counts of perjury and not just 4. To be sure, Bonds may be innocent in all 14 cases – – and innocent of the single charge of obstruction of justice too – – but his jeopardy […]

The OJ Mayo Situation

I have no idea at all as to whether or not OJ Mayo is guilty of taking under the table payments from a guy who presumed to represent him while Mayo was in high school or while he was pretending to be a scholar-athlete at USC. Even if he were proven guilty here, I have […]

Arlen Specter Rides Again…

Last week I wrote that Matt Walsh’s 15 minutes of fame might be ending. Nonetheless, Senator Arlen Specter – representing the great state of Showboating – has issued a statement urging the NFL not to presume that all of this is over and done with. In addition, Specter continues to say that he may push […]

Time’s Up

Unless and until Matt Walsh tells Roger Goodell that there are other people out there who also have illicit videotapes made by the New England Patriots of opponents’ signals, Walsh’s fifteen minutes of fame is up. We already knew that the Pats taped opponents’ signals in the past. Given that Walsh’s attorney has certified to […]

Memo To David Stern…

The Orlando Magic crushed the Detroit Pistons last night throwing kerosene on the embers of yet another NBA controversy regarding an error by a timekeeper. Game 2 of this series witnessed the third demonstrable scoring table error of this season. This one happened in the playoffs. I have said here before that the timekeepers in […]

Aftermath Of The Derby Tragedy

Long-term readers of these rants know that I have a longstanding fondness for betting on horse races. They also know that I am anything but enamored by the goofs that run horseracing and the politicians who legislate about it. Now, in the aftermath of Eight Belles horrible demise at the end of the Kentucky Derby, […]

Here’s A “Plus-One” Scenario That Stinks…

Here is some more information on the new college football bowl games that have received blessing by the NCAA. The Congressional Bowl will be played in Washington DC in December and Navy will be one of the teams – – no matter how mediocre Navy may be in any given year so long as it […]

Derby Stuff – – And More

When NBC acquired the television rights to the Kentucky Derby, one of the positive parts of its bid was that it wanted to do a one-hour show leading up to the race itself. That show caught on and developed good ratings and was expanded to two hours either last year or the year before that. […]

Recommended Reading

Often, I use a line from Scott Ostler’s column in the SF Chronicle to make a point or provide a chuckle. Here is a link to one of his recent columns that you ought to read in its entirety. Enjoy.