Monthly Archives: April 2008

The Latest Roger Clemens Story

There were a lot of rumblings about the story in the NY Daily News that Roger Clemens had a longstanding “relationship with a country music singer. If/when the entirety of this story becomes known, I will be happy to take a position on its importance. For the moment, I have only a couple of simple […]

Another Model Of NBA Underachievment?

The Lakers swept the Nuggets out of the playoffs. That the Lakers advanced is hardly unanticipated; that they swept is not all that stunning. Nevertheless, this does provide a glimpse at the potential for another NBA chronic underachiever. I have talked about how Tracy McGrady has never gotten his team out of the first round […]

Every Draft Grade From The Weekend Is – – Incomplete

Let me make something clear at the outset. You cannot evaluate or “assign grades” to a team’s draft for at least the first two years – – and maybe three. I do not believe in giving out draft grades to teams the day after the draft and so I will not do that. I do […]

Olympic Soccer 2008

The drawings for Olympic soccer competition this summer happened a few days ago and some say that the United States team drew into an advantageous group with regard to being able to advance to the second round. Here are the Groups: Group A: Argentina, Australia, Ivory Coast, Serbia Group B: Japan, Netherlands, Nigeria, USA Group […]

Life Imitates Art?

They say that life sometimes imitates art. Well, I think I have discerned another “situation of imitation”. We are now 90% of the way through the Presidential primaries here in the US; and for at least the last six months, I have heard the cadre of TV political analysts huff and puff and repeat the […]

My NFL Draft Preview – – 2008

Unlike many of the people who write about the upcoming NFL Draft, I do not pretend to have put in hundreds of hours of work breaking down films and working the phones. The reason I don’t pretend to have done that is that I have not done that – – although I really wonder if […]

Whither Barry Bonds? Whither Frank Thomas? Whither…

Ray Ratto suggested in a column on cbs.sportsline that the Yankees should sign Frank Thomas and Barry Bonds. He thought that would create enough of a distraction for Hank Steinbrenner that “Yammering Hank” would stop trying to manage the Yankees’ starting rotation. Scott Ostler in a column in the SF Chronicle wondered if the Oakland […]

Yet More College Football Bowl Games?

It wasn’t all that long ago that I grudgingly offered a word of praise to the NCAA because they did not allow college football teams with losing records to play in their bowl games. That could change. The NCAA has applications for three new bowl games – we need them only slightly more than we […]

Tiger’s Training Regimen?

Yesterday, I read that Tiger Woods training regimen included a 7-mile run every time he worked out. There’s nothing wrong with long distance running but when you juxtapose that concept with the fact that he had a knee injury, which required surgery right after the Masters, you have to wonder what kind of training advice […]

Herschel Walker’s Revelations

I am neither a psychiatrist nor a psychologist; some folks think I’m a psycho but that won’t help me here. I have no intention of judging whether Herschel Walker actually has Dissociative Identity Disorder or not; neither do I intend to make fun of person who has a mental illness – on the chance that […]