Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Best Long Weekend of Basketball

I have always enjoyed the portion of the NCAA Tournament where the field is cut from 16 to the Final Four. Most teams that have made it to that point of the season are playing well and most are good teams; the players give full effort for the entirety of these games and the experience […]

NFL 2007 Pre-Season Predictions – – The Post Mortem

Brian is a long-time reader of these offerings. When I got an e-mail from him recently asking me if I was going to do my annual post-mortem on my NFL pre-season predictions, two things ran through my head: 1. It had completely slipped my mind to do such a thing this year. 2. Since he […]

A Guilty Pleasure – – Gone

In past years, I derived great pleasure on the day/evening when Bob Huggins’ team was eliminated from the NCAA tournament. It had nothing at all to do with the school where he was coaching; it was he. In his previous incarnations – actually he wasn’t at K-State long enough to “incarnate” there, that was more […]

A New Idea – – Breakfast At The Ballpark

Baseball season has begun – – in Japan for the first time. While I do not like that idea exactly, I do think that the early morning telecasts of the games from Japan may provide an interesting marketing ploy for MLB. Let me explain. Starting the season in Japan only to have the two teams […]

A Suggested Resolution For the Media

Last week, I wrote about the inordinate attention paid to the Rockets’ winning streak in the NBA and to Tiger Woods’ winning streak in PGA events. Now both are history and the real records – the ones belonging to the LA Lakers and to Byron Nelson – were never seriously in danger. It would be […]

Ruminations on Brett Favre

I think I have allowed the “Brett Favre Retirement” thing alone long enough to allow all the angles on the story to have had time to surface. I had no interest in trying to be the first to make a type of observation and I figured that loads of other folks would present the landscape […]

A Tournament Prediction That I Hope Is Wrong

I promise not all of today’s rant will be about the NCAA tournament, but I do have to make one “prediction” that I hope does not come to pass. There have been more than a couple of incidents of “poor officiating” – to be as polite as I can be – in college basketball games […]

NCAA Tournament Musings

Yesterday was the expansion of Orwell’s “one hour of hate” into a full day of hate directed against the NCAA Selection Committee. Now it is gone and many folks have turned themselves to filling out brackets – even at the “Schools That Were Screwed” where NIT brackets will probably be filled out first. Naturally, all […]

Tournament Whining Time Today

The 65 teams for the men’s NCAA basketball tournament are set. So today is more than St. Patrick’s Day; today is also that one day of the year when millions of folks whine about whom the Selection Committee screwed over. By tomorrow, all of that angst will be gone and forgotten as millions of folks […]

Miscellany Today

I think I’ll have coconut custard pie today. What kind will you be having? It is “Pi” day after all… I happened to run across an ESPN program with Cris Carter on camera talking about NFL matters. Listening to him speak calmly and pointedly about the subject at hand in sentences that were amenable to […]