Monthly Archives: February 2008

Another Baseball Conflict Of Interest

Happy Leap Day everyone. Or is this Sadie Hawkins Day??? You have heard lots of conspiracy theories about the Mitchell Report and how it “targeted” NY Yankees because of the apparent conflict of interest on the part of Senator Mitchell. In fact, back on 6 April 2006, I wrote that Senator Mitchell was part of […]

College Football – – In February

As we reach the end of February, what else would make sense to start the day’s discussion than – – college football. And let me start with the recent news that Southern Mississippi suspended freshman running back, Antwain Easterling, for unspecified reasons. Now before the cries become too loud about why that is even marginally […]

NFL Free Agent Follies – Coming Soon

The NFL Free Agent Season is about to happen. Coming on the heels of the hugely over-hyped and largely meaningless NFL Scouting Combine, the Free Agent Season represents the time of year when fanboys of all teams can race to their keyboards and knock out mock-drafts and recommend free agent signings and propose trades wherein […]

NFL Economics – – And Some Other Stuff Too

It’s time for some NFL commentary – – even if you will have to excuse me for not focusing on the workout stats for players at the NFL Combine. The NFL Network (NFLN) has not become the universally accepted sports property that the owners envisioned it would become when they launched the idea. Most of […]

Kelvin Sampson Is Looking For Work…

Indiana University bought out Kelvin Sampson’s contract over the weekend for $750K. In light of the lawsuit that Jim O’Brien won against Ohio State for wrongful termination when he was found to have violated NCAA rules, this buyout is probably a safe way out for the university. Whether or not you get a bit queasy […]

More Dangerous Than The Ides Of March…

The most dangerous time of the year is upon NFL football fans. The NFL Scouting Combine looms. Your favorite team just might fall in love with a “workout wonder” who does all kinds of speed and strength drills very well – – but he will not be able to play football all that well. Do […]

The Kelvin Sampson Mess…

The Indiana University basketball program has been in the news regarding NCAA violations laid at the feet of Kelvin Sampson. The level of embarrassment for the school should have reached “politician proportion” by now for a couple of reasons including: 1. The violations are the same ones Sampson committed at Oklahoma and got caught doing […]

What Would It Take To Embarrass The NBA?

For the record, I don’t care if the Dallas Mavericks trade for Jason Kidd or Captain Kidd. My real interest in the NBA is still months into the future. However, the trade that went down between Dallas and New Jersey ought to be an embarrassment of gargantuan proportion for the NBA. When the first iteration […]

A Weekend Of Sports Radio In Philly

I spent last weekend in suburban Philadelphia preparing for my next incarnation as a beast of burden. My brother-in-law was closing one of the stores that he owns and we schlepped “stuff” – – he calls it “inventory” – – from the soon to be defunct locale to other surviving locales. That earned me the […]

Announcers’ Annoying Phrases

Back in December, I pointed you to Gene Collier’s column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette related to his awarding of the Trite Trophy for sports writers and announcers. In no way, do I intend to compete with that work; it is one of the highlights of the year in sports writing as far as I’m concerned. […]