Dwayne Wade – - All By Himself

Last weekend, I watched about half of the Trailblazers/Heat game because I had not seen the Blazers play since November and I wanted to see how well they were playing. It was difficult for me to focus on that aspect of the game, however, because I was mesmerized by Dwayne Wade. Wade is like Allen Iverson was on the 76ers; he’s a one-man band with no reliable help around him; the supporting cast around him in Miami is so non-descript that I’m not sure they could make it to the Final Four next March. Shaq is so slow that I really wonder if he is in agony when he moves. If he is playing uninjured and that is the full extent of his ability to move/run/jump on the court, then it is time for him to take up that second career of his as a police officer.

In Los Angeles, the Lakers hold an annual seminar called Basketball 101 for the fans. The LA Times reported that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Phil Jackson were among the seminar participants this year and that the subject of Kwame Brown came up at one point in the discussion. For those of you out there who still hold out hope that Kwame Brown may find himself one of these days and accomplish something in the NBA to become anything but an embarrassment as an overall #1 pick in the draft, please ponder these two statements about Kwame Brown:

“It’s hard to get through to him.” (Kareem, saying how he had tried to work with Kwame and teach him the fundamentals of playing center in the NBA)

“I’ve called him a knucklehead from time to time. You’ve got to lead him to water; then, force him to drink.” (Phil Jackson)

I was listening briefly to sports radio in the car yesterday and heard a short discussion about the fact that the Chicago Cubs are not yet sold and that it now looks as if they will not be sold until after the 2008 season. I understand that selling an asset as valuable as the Cubbies is more complicated than selling a box of broccoli, but they have been “on the market” for about a year now. There is at least one billionaire – Mark Cuban – who says he is interested in seeing the books so he can make a business decision about what the team might be worth to a purchaser. Presumably, there are other interested parties because I really do not see MLB owners accepting Cuban as one of their own. So, why will it take another year to put a deal together?

Speaking of MLB, the steroid/HGH mess remains a major issue. I have a question for everyone here:

    As more information unfolds, do Brian Sabean (GM of the Giants) and Peter Magowan (owner of the Giants) appear to be taking on the characteristics of weasels?

Baseball has suspended owners in the past. Marge Schott and George Steinbrenner come to mind from relatively recent times; one owner in the 1940s was ordered to sell his team or lose its franchise. Could Magowan be the next owner to suffer a major sanction/censure?

In the aftermath of the NFL Conference Championship games on Sunday, the Pats opened as 13.5-point favorites against the Giants in the Super Bowl. That line went up to 14 points and has now dropped to 13 points. Less than a month ago in the final game of the regular season, the Pats beat the Giants by only 3 points. If those data confuse you, there may be even less clarity in your choice when you ponder:

    The Giants lost to Dallas twice in the regular season but beat them in the playoffs.

    The Giants lost to Green Bay in the regular season but beat them in the playoffs.

So, now you may be tempted to get down on the Giants on the money-line where the odds are +490 or +500 depending on where you are looking. And if you believe in cosmic closure, please recall that the start of this whole New England Patriots “dynasty-thing” began in the Super Bowl where they beat the St. Louis Rams – - and the Rams were 13-point favorites that day… Cue Rod Serling.

Charlie Walters had this item in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press relative to three former Vikings who might make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. While arcane, this is an impressive statistic:

“Randall McDaniel, Cris Carter and Gary Zimmerman, the three former Vikings who are among the finalists for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, played in just five losing seasons during their combined 42 seasons in the NFL.”

By the way, yesterday was National Hugging Day. Did you get to celebrate? Just asking…

A couple of days ago, I wrote about an inconvenient truth related to women’s sports – - there isn’t much of a following for most women’s sports. Dwight Perry had an item in his column in the Seattle Times that reinforces the soundness of that inconvenient truth:

“The University of North Dakota, seeking to boost attendance for women’s hockey, held a drawing for free tuition at Saturday’s game.

In other words, the student-loans office lets you skate for a semester.”

Finally, Oregon State has just fired Jay John as their basketball coach. Obviously, this man needs to look for a job and in an outpouring of goodwill here in Curmudgeon Central let me proffer some guidance:

    There is a John Jay College in Queens, NY.

    John Jay College plays intercollegiate basketball in the CUNYAC.

    Could John Jay have a more aptly named coach than Jay John?

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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