Monthly Archives: January 2008

RIP – Lingerie Bowl

It’s official – – and the news is bad. So to speak, … The Lingerie Bowl will not happen this year. You will not have the opportunity to tune into scantily clad attractive women playing indoor football on a pay-per-view basis at halftime of the Super Bowl. Your choices would seem to be limited to […]

Almost A Super Bowl Oddity This Time

It doesn’t happen all that often and it almost happened this year. When the Giants beat the Packers to advance to the Super Bowl, the Giants prevented a game in which the opposing teams would both start quarterbacks who had previously won the Super Bowl. Unless I have miscounted, that has only happened three times […]

Super Bowl Hiatus – – Basketball and Baseball Today

Allow me to pause for a while in the omnipresent assault of Super Bowl “news” to focus on some other things today. There are plenty of strange doings in other areas of the sporting firmament. For example, Donald Sterling – owner of the LA Clippers – has gotten into a pillow fight with Coach, Mike […]

More Super Bowl Silliness

It’s countdown week to the Super Bowl. That means there will be lots of silly stories and lots of arcane trivia thrown out there this week in amongst incessant “game analysis”. So, let me join the fray. If you go to, you can find this interesting proposition wager – among the multiple dozens of […]

The Story That Just Won’t Die…

Lord knows; I really wish this story would die. But this story seems to be like the vampire in all those old movie sequels from the 30s and 40s; someone keeps pulling the stake out of the vampire’s heart and that allows him to go around and terrorize the neighborhood for about two hours until […]

Good Scouting As A Foundation Of NFL Success

Yesterday, I suggested that good scouting of players to be taken in the draft was extremely important for NFL teams. I used the example of whom the Raiders drafted in exchange for Randy Moss to make that point. A friend sent me a note asking a question that he said would reinforce the point that […]

The Super Bowl Stupid Season

It is already upon us. We are now officially eyebrow deep into Super Bowl Stupid Season – – and there are still eleven days to go until the game. It is bad enough when some reporter from MTV asks a stupid question of the players on media day; it is bad enough when a magazine […]

Dwayne Wade – – All By Himself

Last weekend, I watched about half of the Trailblazers/Heat game because I had not seen the Blazers play since November and I wanted to see how well they were playing. It was difficult for me to focus on that aspect of the game, however, because I was mesmerized by Dwayne Wade. Wade is like Allen […]

One Step Forward – Two Steps Back

Recently, I wrote that I hoped we had gotten to the point as a society where a slip of the tongue and an offensive/inappropriate phrase could engender a punishment and then we move on. No longer need it be “career-fatal”; Kelly Tilghman would serve a two-week suspension and then go back to her status as […]

Women’s Sports – An Inconvenient Truth

Full disclosure: I have never been employed by the Washington Post or by any of its subsidiary companies. I have never owned stock in The Washington Post Company. My only longstanding association with that newspaper is that I have had it delivered to my home for the last 38 years. On 19 January 2009, the […]