Monthly Archives: December 2007

Year-End Stuff

A friend sent me a link to Curt Schilling’s blog and the entry where Schilling talks about the Mitchell Report and some of the players named therein. In that piece, Schilling talks about when he – and other players – went to Congress to talk about steroid use in baseball. I had forgotten that the […]

A Column You Should Read

Every year around this time, Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes a column wherein he awards the “Trite Trophy”. He takes the dozens upon dozens of sports cliches and weaves them together with more than a generous helping of sarcasm and humor and comes up with the worst cliche of the year. This year’s […]

Say Good-bye, Shaq

I saw just enough of the Miami Heat on Christmas Day to conclude that this must be the final season for Shaq as an NBA player. Unless he has such a major injury that might be fully corrected by off-season surgery, I just cannot see him continuing to be worthy of a starting position much […]

The NFL Coach Of The Year

I think there is an interesting situation developing regarding the NFL Coach of the Year. Romeo Crennel will get a lot of support even if the Browns don’t make the playoffs; that team exceeded expectations this year. The same can be said for Dick Jauron in Buffalo. Lots of folks will point to the great […]

More Questionable Referees…

When the Tim Donaghy story broke, there was a clamor in all of the sports media about how this could be devastating to the NBA. And I am not convinced that we have heard the last of that saga or the fallout from it. At the moment however, there is another “situation” ongoing in the […]

Can’t Everyone Just Get Along?

I have to start today with three baseball notes. The first has to do with the tiff that seems to have evolved between A-Rod and Scott Boras. Wow! Coming on the heels of the news that Pamela Anderson and her “hubby-of-the-moment” are also splitsville after only three months of marital bliss, is there anything left […]

Disturbing Trends In The Sports World

Don’t worry; this is not going to be one of those sappy end-of-year retrospectives. Nevertheless, I have to begin by saying that as 2007 draws to a close there is a disturbing trend emerging in the sports world. So, let me set the stage and then pose a troubling question for you to ponder as […]

Some Critics Of Mitchell Report Are Off Base

Now that we have had a couple of days to let the commentary on the Mitchell Report sink in, I have a few comments to make. I am not going to backtrack and try to convince you that the report was a good one or and important one or even a cathartic one. It is […]

Dolphins Win! Dolphins Win! The Dolphins Win!!

Do you recall the temper tantrum of Ravens’ linebacker, Bart Scott, in the Pats’ game as he threw the official’s flag out of the end zone to get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and then announced that the referees were biased against the Ravens because the officials – and maybe the league itself – had decided […]

A Day For Celebration

On more than a few occasions, I have quoted items from Dwight Perry’s column, Sideline Chatter, which appears just about every weekday in the Seattle Times. That column is described on the paper’s website in the following way: “Times night-desk editor Dwight Perry uses Sideline Chatter as a not-so-safe haven for the humorous, offbeat and […]