Monthly Archives: November 2007

A Sinking Feeling In My Stomach

As soon as I saw Aaron Rodgers step on the field last night, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. No, I didn’t have any money on the Packers. No, I didn’t think that the game would turn into such a blowout that I would not be able to watch the second half. What […]

Prepare For An Onslaught Of Gab…

College football teams and their fans can look at their schedules and know for sure that they will have a big rivalry game down the road on a specific date. They can let the emotion build for months; the preparation for those games is always intense and thorough. At the moment, we have an analogous […]

Back For An Encore…

Last year at the suggestion of a reader, I tried to list the five worst performances by NFL teams on any given weekend. Given all the changes going on here in Curmudgeon Central this year, I had forgotten about that until last weekend and I want to bring it back for at least one encore […]

RIP Sean Taylor

There are lots of things that happen in the sports world that are worthy of ridicule and scorn. That’s why it is not difficult to find material for these many rants. However, the killing [and it may turn out to be a murder and not merely a killing] of Redskins’ safety, Sean Taylor, demonstrates that […]

A Little Of This And A Little Of That…

Let me start with college football today. I’ve read is several places that Tim Tebow isn’t likely to win the Heisman Trophy because his team has lost three games this season. Let’s ignore the obvious logical disconnect here between the fact that the Heisman is an individual award and the record of the Florida football […]

Thanksgiving Day Ruminations

Before the guests arrive and the football games commence – and prior to cooking and devouring the turkey – let me make a few football observations as a way to avoid any temptation to turn on the TV and accidentally channel surf through the Macy’s Parade. There is one game today that ought to be […]

Holidays In The Hoosegow

As we approach the Thanksgiving Day holiday, allow me to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to hope that you spend a fulfilling day with family and friends. News events from earlier this week indicate that Michael Vick will not be doing that. Vick reported to jail in advance of his impending sentencing date next […]

RIP Jim Ringo

Jim Ringo was the center on the offensive line for Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers. He is in the Hall of Fame. Jim Ringo died yesterday. His passing gives me the opportunity to explain to some of the younger readers here how things were “in the olden days”. Jim Ringo didn’t finish his career with […]

Thanx To The Jets…

The NY Jets did sports fans a service yesterday. You could tell that the talking heads were revving the engines to hype the upcoming Pats/Steelers game as the “next” game-of-the-year. It will still be one of the best games of that weekend because both are teams that threaten to go deep into the playoffs and […]

Barry Bonds Indicted…

With Barry Bonds now under indictment, there is a good chance he will stand trial on the perjury/obstruction of justice charges. We can all wait to see what evidence his lawyer presents in the case to make our own judgments as to whether or not he is guilty of perjury/obstruction of justice or not; I […]