Monthly Archives: October 2007

Tricks and Treats Today

Happy Halloween, everyone. In the spirit of this day of festivities, let me try to go with a “trick or treat” theme today. The NBA season began last night and so I want to go over what David Stern has accomplished during the off season. Let me be polite and say that David Stern is […]

Feeling Rejuvenated…

Well, I’m back from my Annual Autumnal Pilgrimage – – to Las Vegas and the sportsbooks out there. I feel rejuvenated and in better contact with my inner grumpiness now that I’m back. And since I got to watch the World Series games and a ton of football games (college and pro), I have some […]

World Series Game One Was – – – BORING

Well, Game One of the World Series was certainly a nail-biter, wasn’t it? The Rockies were certainly well rested; they also looked to be “well rusted”. I believe the Red Sox have scored 43 runs in their last four games. With that kind of offensive output, it doesn’t matter if they have an ace on […]

Finally – – The World Series

The World Series starts tonight. The Colorado Rockies have been on their longest break since they reported to Spring Training. If the Series goes to seven games – without having one snowed out -, the last one will be on November 1st. That means that on the day after the World Series when one city […]

A Hodgepodge Today…

Lots of stuff to catch up on so let me get right to it… Leo Mazzone was fired as the pitching coach for the Baltimore Orioles. Mazzone had previously earned a cult-like adoration as a pitching genius when he was with the Braves for something close to an eternity. Obviously, this man knows something about […]

Is David Stern In “Car 54″?

I see where the NBA is playing exhibition games in China and that the league is thrilled by this step toward global presence. Lots of upbeat statements emanate from the league’s publicity mill. Meanwhile, here at home, the NBA Commissioner remains in retreat. David Stern was humbled by the Tim Donaghy mess; please notice that […]

Strange Football Doings …

There certainly were some unusual football happenings over the last weekend to include losses by LSU and Cal in college football and the announcement that South Florida is now the #2 team in the BCS rankings. Tomorrow night, South Florida plays Rutgers on national TV; Rutgers was last year’s Cinderella team in college football. Three […]

Harmony In The Bears’ Locker Room

Andrea Kramer reported on NBC that the Bears traded RB, Thomas Jones, to the Jets last winter because Jones and Cedric Benson could not share a locker-room. That would certainly explain why the Bears dealt away a productive running back for a second round pick in the draft but it might beg the question as […]

All College Football Today

Being here in the middle of Big Ten Country at the moment, I’ve been able to overhear several conversations at restaurants and in supermarkets about the unavailability of the Big Ten Network on the Comcast cable system here. The common thread in those conversations is that Comcast is the villain and they are preventing people […]

New Stadiums/Old Stadiums

Even if you’ve only read a few of these rants, you probably realize that I live in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. I certainly have not earned any kind of “homer” title there given my less than kind remarks about the area as a “sports town” – – it’s a really bad one. […]