Monthly Archives: September 2007

Hoping For A Relaxing Weekend …

After a week of buying a new house and arranging for utilities/deliveries and painters and etc., I decided that Friday night was “free time” for me to do some catching up. Our furniture shows up Monday morning after two months of storage; I figure I need a weekend of relaxation to prepare for that event. […]

Is Divorce Contagious In Tennessee?

Tennessee men’s basketball coach, Bruce Perl, filed for divorce two days before his 25th wedding anniversary on the basis of “irreconcilable differences”. Took him a while to notice them, don’t you think. Normally, I would ignore that item because I really don’t care about the marital state of coaches; but this time there is an […]

National Talk Like A Pirate Day …

Arrrgh! Today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day – no, not like a Pittsburgh Pirate – and I feel compelled to join in the festivities. Maybe having been threatened with a keelhauling if I neglected to do so has a bit to do with that compulsion… Shiver me timbers, but do you realize that […]

Weekend Retrospective

In the past, I have interrupted these essays from time to time to present “public service announcements” so that you might be aware of important – but lesser known – holidays or celebrations in our society. Today, I want to begin with a “private announcement”. I want to welcome into the world my first grandson […]

Patriots’ Punishments – – Ho Hum

While the argument rages about whether or not Roger Goodell was too lenient in his punishment of Bill Belichick and/or the Pats, let me reiterate my position. The NFL has shown that it cares less about violation of this rule than it does violations of its rules on substance abuse or “personal conduct”. Those can […]

Much Ado About Nothing

I think William Shakespeare had this week in mind about 300 years ago when he wrote Much Ado About Nothing. That pretty much sums up the agida I feel when I hear about the Patriots stealing signals from the Jets in last Sunday’s game. I’m even willing to make the assumption that the Patriots did […]

Out Of Shape Athletes

Over the weekend, one of the NFL games piped into my viewing area was the Steelers/Browns debacle. It wasn’t a contest whose outcome was in doubt for very long so I began to focus on watching things other than the ball. I could not help noticing Ted Washington playing as the nose tackle for the […]

Odds And Ends From A Football Weekend

My vagabond summer is entering the home stretch and unless I get very fortunate with access to a computer and the Internet over the next two weeks, I will not be able to do Mythical Picks. So, let me give you a recap of last week and point out the gambling lesson therein. I opened […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 9/8/07

Just to set the stage here, I’m writing this on Friday morning and so I won’t pretend that I took the Colts over the Saints last night. But they sure did look good in dismantling the Saints 41-10, didn’t they? The over/under line for that game started the week at 51; that would have made […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 9/8/07

Last weekend, I made four selections in Mythical Picks. All four were winners: Wisconsin covered against Washington State Ga.Tech not only covered against Notre Dame, they beat them by 30. UNLV covered against Utah St. by a point on a late TD drive Navy/Temple stayed UNDER 52. Now if I were one of those guys […]