Monthly Archives: August 2007

Athletes Who Are More Celebrity Than Athlete?

Several weeks ago, I wrote that John Daly and Michele Wie were no longer competitive golfers but they were celebrities and that’s why anyone bothered to pay any attention to either one of them. Neither has been seriously competitive in a pro golf tournament for quite a while now; neither has a recent athletic résumé […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 9/1/07

As the NCAA Football season is about to begin, it’s time to engage in a bit of overview of the college football scene so that we can look for happenings that might just fall below the radar in the big time world of sports journalism. So please consider: Linfield College (Oregon) has 52 consecutive winning […]

Tiger Woods IS the PGA Tour

Yesterday I said that the PGA Tour was riding on the wave of popularity of Tiger Woods and that their concocted FedEx Cup Tournament didn’t mean a damned thing without his participation. Despite the widespread popularity of golf as a participatory sport by adults all over the US, the TV ratings for golf depend on […]

Administrative Note

Ever since I started doing these essays on the Internet in 2002, I have spent the football season making “Mythical Picks” every weekend. I have foolishly tried to pick every NFL game and a few college games every weekend. Usually, I wind up in the red in these endeavors but I continue to do it […]

WNBA Playoffs – And Other Stuff

Just in case any of you forgot that the WNBA season was underway, let me catch you up. Their playoffs are underway and they are now about to begin the semi-finals. No Googling, can you name the four WNBA teams still alive in the playoffs…? Back when I was studying vocabulary lists in preparation for […]

The Vick Apology – – And Other Stuff

I’m sure you’ve heard more than enough legal analysis about Michael Vick’s guilty plea yesterday than you need to – – unless you are in law school and are writing a law review article on this whole matter. I can’t provide any more depth of understanding in that realm, but I do want to comment […]

Tim Donaghy Redux

The rumor is out there that Tim Donaghy will name up to 20 current NBA referees who are involved in gambling. I said previously that if even one other referee was “ratted out”, this could be horrendous for the league. And I’ll stand by that statement with a minor proviso. Since the time the Donaghy […]

Stuff That Takes Too Damned Long

I am a person who understands and accepts the concept of deferred gratification. I am a long-term investor in the stock market. I do not suffer from Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I am capable of focusing on a single task at any given time; I am not compulsively drawn to “multi-tasking.” I do not need […]

Michael Vick – – Again

Yesterday came the confirmation that Michael Vick will indeed plead guilty to at least one of the charges in the Federal indictment against him. Rumors to that effect had been circulating for several days and those rumors turned out to be correct. On the assumption that he does indeed plead guilty to something in the […]

Off The Air Again

My long-suffering wife and I are off to Ann Arbor, Michigan early tomorrow morning. There we will assist #1 son – – and his very pregnant wife – – move into their new abode in Ann Arbor. I’ll be back and on the air again on the 20th or 21st of August. Please check back […]