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Admin Note – Off The Air For A While

Folks: I will be off the air for the rest of this week. The rant just below this entry will be the last one until at least next Monday. The company that has been providing me with my Internet access here at our vacation home is going out of business on 31 July and the […]

Congress Looks At The NBA And The WWE

A couple of days ago, I posed a proposition bet setting the over/under time at 60 days until some Congressthing would call for an investigation of the NBA. I took UNDER; it seems to have happened already. Congressman Rush from Illinois is the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection. In […]

The Numbers Are In – Let The Spinning Begin

Well, the precincts have reported; the numbers are in. As usual, you can look at the glass as half-full or half-empty. ESPN televised the David Beckham inaugural MLS contest with the LA Galaxy playing FC Chelsea. ESPN hyped the game at least as much as they have ever hyped a soccer game; I’ll be surprised […]

Home Depot Has To Be Looking Good Now…

Arthur Blank has to be wondering why he stopped selling paint, dry wall, tools and lawn mowers to the general public to take up the job of owning a football team. Today his franchise quarterback has a date in Federal District Court that will keep him away from training camp and may keep him away […]

The Integrity Of The NBA

As I was doing my reading today, I came across an excellent column by Bernie Lincicome in the Rocky Mountain News on the subject of the integrity of the NBA and what David Stern’s news conference yesterday tried to achieve. I commend this column to your reading. The gist of Lincicome’s column is that the […]

A Sight To See – – A Humble David Stern…

The oddest sporting event for yesterday was David Stern’s news conference. What makes it odd was that David Stern did not conduct the session with a smirk on his face and a demeanor that intended to show everyone present that he was the smartest person in the zip code at the moment – and probably […]

NFL Off-Season Moves

Every team in the NFL has “re-tooled” for the upcoming 2007 season. To go through all 32 teams and to comment on the implications of whatever moves they have made would be a longer document than I really want to write – – and certainly too long a document for you to want to read. […]

Start With Michael Vick And End With Ryan Leaf …

I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails from readers in the past few days regarding my idea that the NFL needs to find a way to keep Michael Vick at arms length until this case is resolved one way or another. As is often the case when one tries to take a moderate position on something, […]

Michael Vick And Tim Donaghy – Quite A Pair…

I may have not been “on the air” for a few days, but I have not been living in a cave. Stuff has happened and I want to put my two cents in on some of it. The first part of this relates to the Michael Vick situation. I’ve read and heard on some sports […]

Michael Vick Indicted …

I’m not all that surprised that Michael Vick has been indicted in the dogfighting investigation. Once the Feds moved in and took over the case, I had to believe that there was some indication in the evidence already in hand that could implicate a “person of some public renown”. If not, it would not make […]