Sports Curmudgeon – - Administrative Note

For the foreseeable future, my writing schedule will have to change. Since I do this because I love doing it, I will write as often as I can; but the rants will be sporadic for a while. Let me explain…

My long-suffering wife and I have sold our house. It’s too big for two people; we need something smaller. Given the real estate environment here in Northern Virginia, we anticipated it would take a couple of months to sell our house; so we put it on the market on 1 June because the new house we’ve already bought will not be finished until sometime around 1 October. Of course, our house sold in 5 days…

We have to move out on 9 July. That means we are packing and going through the turmoil of a move. That leaves me a lot less time to gather material for these rants or to write them. That’s one reason for “decreased frequency”.

Additionally, we are going to be traveling to Seattle for 5 days starting in the middle of next week. That’s yet another trip we had planned far in advance that happened to fall at a most inopportune time – but it can’t be changed. I won’t even try to access the Internet during our visit with friends while there.

Once we relocate to our “temporary quarters” after 9 July but before we can move into our new house, our Internet access is in question. We will be living at our weekend home in Pennsylvania for most of that interim period. We just learned that the company that provides us with the satellite link to the Internet is going out of business. Until and unless we find another link to the Internet other than ancient telephone lines – it is only a small exaggeration to say that Alexander Graham Bell’s DNA is on those phone lines – I might be very limited in my distribution and posting capabilities.

All of this will sort itself out. But until it does, the normal schedule will be perturbed.

Just wanted to let you know. Please check the site once in a while to see what I’ve managed to post.

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