Monthly Archives: June 2007

When Spring Training Delusions Collide With Reality…

Back in those heady days of Spring Training, there were some folks who pondered the possibility of a Cubs/White Sox World Series. Lots of fans have unrealistic expectations in March as they imagine mediocre pitchers on their favorite team “putting it all together this year” and winning 22 – 25 games. That kind of thing […]

Return Of The Prodigal Son…

I’m back from Seattle and from watching four games at Safeco Field including the triumphal return of Ken Griffey Jr. to Seattle. He received a hero’s welcome there; he got about a 3-5 minute standing ovation during pre-game ceremonies welcoming him “home”; he got another standing ovation when he came out to the on-deck circle […]

Tiger Caught From Behind

On ESPN’s The Sports Reporters last Sunday, Mike Lupica said that a huge hole in the résumé of Tiger Woods was that he had never come from behind at the end of three rounds to win a major tournament. Wow. It looks as if golf seeks to challenge baseball in terms of the sport with […]

Pendulum Swings Coming In Accountability And Truth-Telling?

I am one of a chorus of voices that decries the lack of accountability for the personal actions of athletes and celebrities. So, allow me to hope that the level of accountability hung around the neck of Mike Nifong – the erstwhile prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse rape case – signals that the pendulum is […]

Sports Curmudgeon – – Administrative Note

For the foreseeable future, my writing schedule will have to change. Since I do this because I love doing it, I will write as often as I can; but the rants will be sporadic for a while. Let me explain… My long-suffering wife and I have sold our house. It’s too big for two people; […]

Barry Bonds Has To Be In The All Star Game

The baseball kerfuffle of the moment centers on the question of whether or not Barry Bonds should be added to the All-Star team if the fans do not vote him onto the team. I am not a Barry Bonds fan; I’ve said more than a few times that I believe that he has been a […]

Steroids In Boxing? Surprise! Surprise!!

And a Happy Flag Day to one and all… File this one under “Just What They Didn’t Need”… Boxing is a sport that has descended from a prominent place in the sporting hierarchy to a sport worthy of derision on its best days. I said over a decade ago that boxing and pro ‘rassling were […]

Winning UGLY…

I don’t know who first coined the phrase “winning ugly”. Whoever came up with that phraseology must have been prescient because he had to have had in mind last night’s Spurs/Cavs game. No matter who won, that team would have “won ugly” because that was one of the absolutely most brutally unsightly demonstrations of basketball […]

Here Come Da Judge …

If you’ve been reading these rants for a while, you have to know that I have a very low opinion of the folks who have a hyper sense of political correctness when it comes to team mascots and nicknames. These people definitely need to find another hobby to occupy their time and energy. Having said […]

Perspective On LeBron James … Please

If you are a Cleveland Cavalier’s fan, I guess you can take some solace in the fact that the Cavs were down 0-2 in their last series against the Pistons and then won the next four games. And in last year’s NBA Finals, the Mavs led two games to none and the Mavs came up […]