Monthly Archives: May 2007

Who Ever Thought Roger Goodell and Carrie Nation Would Be An Item?

Somewhere, Carrie Nation is smiling. I had considered another way to open this commentary, but thought that it would be below the normally low levels of good taste demonstrated here to say the somewhere Carrie Nation is buying Josh Hancock a drink at the Celestial Café. Whatever. Hancock’s death while driving drunk and over the […]

I Thought Golf Was Supposed To Be Fun

Over the weekend, I grazed through the channels on the TV and stopped to watch a bit of the golf tournament. After hearing about all the rain in Texas earlier in the week, I was wondering if the caddies were using pontoon boats and if the players needed flotation devices. They didn’t. But what I […]

Ethics For Sports Agents?

In response to yesterday’s rant about five things I can do without in the world of sports, a friend sent me a note saying that he could easily do without smarmy sports agents. I have to admit that there are a few agents out there who seem always to be representing clients embroiled in the […]

Five Things In Sports I Can Do Without

You already know the concept of adding by subtracting. It works in algebra; it works in real life; it certainly works in sports. Well, I was musing over the weekend about how the sporting world might be better off with the subtraction of a few misguided people and/or things and decided to try to focus […]

How To Make Clinton Portis Look Like Plato…

There are two items from baseball that demand comment today. You may recall a couple of days ago that I said that Clinton Portis was a fool for talking about Michael Vick and dogfighting when he didn’t have to. And then what he said was outrageous on its own merits. Well, despite those comments, Portis […]

Lower On The Totem Pole – NHL or Horseracing?

I’ve mentioned several times here that the sport of horseracing is in severe decline and that the NHL is in danger of falling off the radar screen in terms of a major sport in the US. Yesterday, T.J. Simers summed this entire matter up in two short paragraphs in his column in the LA Times: […]

Hoof-In-Mouth Disease Is Not Unique To Cattle

There have been some classic statements made by people that have come back to haunt them in the future such as Al Gore “inventing the Internet”. That makes for a useful punch line once in a while but does not make the former Vice President out to be a person whose fundamental humanity should be […]

Major League Soccer Is Growing Up

Yesterday, I got an e-mail message from a young man who has been reading these rants ever since they went on the Internet in 2001. He is a big sports fan and a devoted follower of Major League Soccer. Let me summarize his lengthy note to me: 1. MLS is on the rise. Notwithstanding the […]

All Baseball Today…

I think I’ve made it clear in the past that I admire the creativity of many minor league baseball teams with regard to their promotional activities. There are two interesting ones coming up later this season that carry on this tradition of creativity. In August this year, the Portland Beavers are going to poke fun […]

Sometimes Batting .500 Isn’t Good Enough

If you had a career batting average of .500, you’d be a certified mortal lock as a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee. However, an NFL Commissioner with a “batting average” for good ideas at the .500 level might just be asked to leave the position after a few years. If various reports are accurate, […]