Monthly Archives: April 2007

4/9/07 – Off The Air For A While

Folks: My long-suffering wife and I will be traveling a bit for the next month and our house is being refurbished and prepped to be put on the market sometime in the next 6-7 weeks. So, even when we are at home, things will hardly be “normal”. My access to the Internet will be sporadic […]

4/9/07 – Don Imus Steps In It – – Or On It…

Don Imus found himself in the middle of the sports news late last week. On his radio program, Imus made some incredibly stupid and insensitive remarks about the women on the Rutgers basketball team that I won’t repeat here. Subsequent to the remarks, he apologized for them and characterized them as “stupid” among other things. […]

4/6/07 – The Value Of Sports?

People who like sports and think that they are important ingredients in the social fabric ascribe to sports certain benefits that society derives from the existence of sports. Two of the more common of these societal benefits are that sports and the competition aspects of the various games teaches the participants to play within a […]

4/5/06 – Golf, Soccer and Horseracing Today…

Back in the days when Hootie Johnson and Martha Burke were “at odds” over The Masters and the lack of women members at Augusta National, I suggested to a friend that Martha Burke should expend here energies more wisely and seek to set up a major women’s tournament opposite The Masters. It would likely die […]

4/4/07 – Roger Goodell Should Heed Davy Crockett’s Advice – Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead

Roger Goodell met with Chris Henry and Pacman Jones yesterday at NFL HQS in NYC. I have to admit that in one of the dark recesses of my being I was rooting for one or both of these guys to miss the meeting because they had been arrested on their way to the meeting. Too […]

4/3/07 – Administrative Note

This website has been nominated as a finalist as one of the best sports blogs on the web. If I were to win, I would get to go to something called “Blog World” which among lots of other things involves a weekend in Las Vegas during football season. If I actually had to do to […]

4/3/07 – It’s The Gators Again

The last time Ohio State won the national basketball championship, they had a young man coming off the bench for them named Bob Knight. That’s how long it has been. And it will be at least another year for Ohio State because they were clowned last night by Florida in the final game of the […]

4/2/07 – A Tale of Two Tournaments

The NCAA Tournament games on Saturday night weren’t as nail biting as I had hoped they would be, but no one can think that a pair of unworthy teams has advanced to the final game tonight. The season began with 336 teams playing Division I college basketball; there are two still playing; both are very […]