Monthly Archives: March 2007

3/30/07 – Where Did All The Mid-Majors Go?

If you are to believe the conspiracy theorists, lots of really good “mid-major teams” were denied a shot at the NCAA tournament in favor of incompetent and feckless teams from the lower echelons of the “power conferences”. So, the logical consequence of that miscarriage of justice ought to be that those worthy mid-majors should do […]

3/29/07 – Athletes Behaving Badly…

I’m sure everyone has noticed/heard that Ugueth Urbina received a 14-year jail sentence in Venezuela yesterday. For those who have not followed his case closely in the Caracas newspapers, let me give you a quick summary. A jury convicted Urbina of the attempted murder of five people who were workers at his ranch in Venezuela. […]

3/28/07 – Almost Time For “Play Ball!”

With baseball’s Opening Day rapidly approaching, let me focus on some baseball matters today. Unless the Cubs’ latest certified phenom, Felix Pie, makes the team and gets a starting role, the Cubs look to start a line-up on opening day with eight position players who did not come from their organization. I understand that there […]

3/27/07 – Monday Night Football Just Got Better

I have to believe that Monday Night Football just got lots better. ESPN announced yesterday that Ron Jaworski will replace Joe Theismann in the announcing booth next year. It’s no secret that I do not like the way Theismann intrudes on the game as a color analyst and it was painfully obvious that he and […]

3/26/07 – Is This NCAA Tournament Great Or What?

OK, everyone who got their singlets in a knot over the Selection Committee’s actions a couple of Sundays ago needs to offer an apology. The Elite Eight consisted of all four teams seeded #1 and three teams seeded #2 and one team seeded #3. If you thought the Selection Committee was nothing but a bunch […]

3/23/07 – A time of confusion…

Rudyard Kipling wrote that if you could keep your head when all about you were losing theirs, you’ll become a man. Well, in the confusion of things happening about now, I’m really going to have to try to keep my head; some of this stuff just doesn’t make any sense. The “money folks” at Kentucky […]

3/22/07 – Tim Floyd Can Coach…

As the next phase of the NCAA Basketball Tournament is about to unfold, let me say that Tim Floyd has reestablished himself as a competent basketball coach this year. When Floyd and the Chicago Bulls parted company, Floyd looked like someone who didn’t have a clue what he was doing; his tenure in New Orleans […]

3/21/07 – – Pokey Chatman Commentary

When the news broke that Pokey Chatman would not be the coach of the LSU women’s basketball team in the tournament this year, there were reports of inappropriate behavior on her part. Stories of lesbian liaisons swirled around. But there were parts of the story that seemed unclear to me at the time. For example, […]

3/20/07 – Random Musings…

Yesterday, I closed with a clever line sent to me by a reader. Regarding Louisville’s crushing of Stanford in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament, the reader said: “The Cardinals beat the ‘s’ out of The Cardinal.” I said it was clever and wished I had thought of it. Later yesterday, I got a […]

3/19/07 – Tournament Tidbits – And Other Stuff

Let’s start today with some tournament observations from the first couple of rounds. I know that Butler is in the Sweet 16, but when I look at that team, I don’t see a lot of size or a lot of speed or any great shooters. But they sure do play good team defense and they […]