Monthly Archives: February 2007

2/28/07 – William Faulkner – NASCAR Crew Chief?

In business, they say that a company has to know its target demographic and then appeal to that group of people. Let’s not get too deeply entwined in the concept of “profiling” and “stereotyping” because those words have negative connotations, but recognize that these concepts are not exactly antithetical to “appealing to a target demographic”. […]

2/27/07 – Quantity Not Quality Free Agents This Year

The NFL’s free agency circus begins on 2 March. Actually, I wanted to have my list of the top free agents by position on the record about a week ago so no one might accuse me of poaching on the thoughts of others. The reason that didn’t happen is that I was looking at this […]

2/26/07 – Filling Time

As I went grazing through the TV channels this weekend, it seemed as if every time I went to ESPN2 they were showing some Bassmaster fishing tournament. Look, I understand that ESPN2 has to have something on the air for 168 hours a week; I appreciate that they have not decided to rerun the 2003 […]

2/23/07 – Grabbing An Endorsement From Under Peyton’s Nose

I know I said that I’d do a rundown of upcoming NFL free agents today, but I had “other business to attend to” yesterday and I’m still not ready. Free agency doesn’t start until 2 March, so I still have time to get that done next week. But I did notice an interesting NFL related […]

2/22/07 – A Perfect Storm

There’s a perfect storm brewing for sports fantasy players. The time is upon us for the NFL Combine, the NBA trading deadline and the start of NFL free agency. Oh yeah, the NHL trading deadline happens sometime soon too. Think of the possible changes these can make to one’s fantasy squads; imagine the head start […]

2/21/07 – Where’s The Beef – – I Mean The News?

You know the feeling that makes you realize that you are coming down with a cold. It’s unmistakable. Well I have an analogous feeling at the moment that we are about to embark on another one of those “sports-soap-opera extravaganzas”. You know the kind I mean – something like “Will Brett Favre Retire Or Not?” […]

2/20/07 – Kudos to the LPGA

The Golf Goofs got one right! The LPGA faced a situation analogous to ones that had made the PGA and the USGA folks get their shorts in a knot, but the LPGA got it right. There is a 14-year-old girl, McKenzie Kline, who is a pretty good golfer; the problem is that Ms. Kline also […]

2/19/07 – David Stern Got One Right!

The biggest sports events of the weekend were the NBA All Star Game and the Daytona 500. I’m not overly fond of either event but it beats a weekend where the two top choices might be figure skating and bowling. Nevertheless, there were sideshows at each event that need commentary. You have to have heard […]

2/16/07 – A Break In The BALCO Brouhaha

On September 8 2006, I did a Topical Rant regarding the situation involving two reporters for the San Francisco Chronicle who faced prison time because they would not reveal the name of the person who leaked grand jury testimony to them. At the time, I said I did not want these reporters to languish in […]

2/15/07 – Learn From History or Repeat It

I have to make a couple of more comments about the Marty Schottenheimer firing in San Diego. The Spanos family owns the Chargers and the fact that Marty Schottenheimer did not get along with GM AJ Smith was not unknown to the owners. Until this week, they did nothing more to resolve this matter than […]