Monthly Archives: January 2007

1/31/07 – Miami Vice

You have to have seen by now a TV segment devoted to some of the great games and performances that happened in Super Bowls held in Miami. The segment that must still be waiting to air is the one that lists the trouble players have gotten into in Miami leading up to the Super Bowl. […]

1/30/07 – Barbaro Euthanized; Racing On Life Support

In the past, I’ve written less than flattering things about people that I called “the Barbaro acolytes”. I continue to believe that their outpouring of emotion over an injured horse was way over the top. Nevertheless, the fact that Barbaro had to be euthanized despite the struggles of the veterinary team is a sad situation. […]

Sports Writers I Like…

Perhaps you would like to read some articles by people who actually get paid to do this. Here are some links to the writers that I think are the best at their trade. Mitch Albom (Detroit Free Press) – It won’t take you long to see why he has won a bunch of Pulitzer Prizes. […]

Sports Curmudgeon 1/29/07

OK, the Super Bowl media circus is about to whirl completely out of control; so before I’m reduced to reading about some farmer in Nebraska whose chickens have predicted the last 21 Super Bowl winners correctly in some totally bizarre manner, I want to go through a few things about the Super Bowl and then […]

NFL 2006 Pre-Season Analysis – – Post Mortem

After last year’s less than laudatory pre-season analysis, I toyed with the idea of not doing one this year. But fools rush in where angels fear to tread; and if you’ve read these rants for any length of time now, you realize that I have a propensity for foolishness. And so, it is now time […]

Sports Curmudgeon 1/25/07

Mike Nifong is the District Attorney in Durham, NC who has been “handling” the so-called Duke Lacrosse rape case. I’m sure you know that he’s dropped the rape charges and that the alleged victim has changed her account of what happened that night several times. Nifong faced a proceeding in front of the NC bar […]

Sports Curmudgeon 1/24/07

Okay, yesterday’s rant was NFL-free. Not today. Today, it’s about NFL coaches. In case you’ve only heard this 727,456 times, there will two Black head coaches in the Super Bowl game this year; there hasn’t been a Black head coach in a Super Bowl game ever before. This fact has already been pounded to death […]

Sports Curmudgeon 1/23/07

There’s gong to be an absolute tsunami of publicity and story lines and “stuff” about the Super Bowl and the NFL over the next two weeks. So, let me spend some time today talking about other stuff. It’s not like all of us won’t have our fill of NFL items in the near future. Let […]

Sports Curmudgeon 1/22/07

Watching the Bears’ demolition of the Saints yesterday, I noticed that the Bears got significant contributions from three rookies that they drafted last April. I really don’t like the idea of an instant analysis of a teams’ draft the week after it happens because it really does take time (usually several seasons) to see what […]

Sports Curmudgeon 1/19/07

By now, you have to have heard about Michael Vick and his “adventure” at the airport. I’m not going to get into the debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized or any allegations that Vick was singled out for scrutiny at the airport by the TSA inspectors because of his celebrity status or […]