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Mythical Picks NFL – Weekend of 12/30/06

Last week was not a good one for Mythical Picks. I have tried to warn those of you who are of the wagering persuasion that late season games in the NFL are only slightly more amenable to rational handicapping than opening day games in the NFL. Some examples: I took Dallas over Philly. Who knew […]

12/28/06 – End The Suffering

Detroit Lions safety, Kenoy Kennedy, pled guilty to a DWI charge and will go to a final sentencing hearing in January. Part of the plea agreement was that sentencing would not happen until after the NFL season was over; Kennedy could spend up to 90 days in jail if the judge so rules. In the […]

Just Go Away

This is the time of year for retrospectives; people have this natural tendency to assess how things went during the most recent span of time that it took for the earth to make its way around the sun. Here in Curmudgeon Central, the focus is not on the world at large nor is it on […]

12/26/06 – Lots Of “Humbug” Performances Last Weekend

Just because it’s the day after Christmas doesn’t mean that I’m going to ignore the weekly feature of naming the five worst NFL teams from last weekend. That’s because there were some horrendous performances out there – and not just from the horrendous teams. 5. Cowboys: Here’s a team that could have locked up a […]

Mythical Picks NFL – Weekend of 12/23/06

Well, I dodged a mythical bullet last weekend and actually came out ahead for a weekend where the games were mighty abstruse. And I managed to come out ahead even though: I took the Bears and gave 13.5 points to the Bucs. The Bears led 31-3 late in the third quarter and coughed up a […]

12/20/06 – The Ascension Of Mediocrity

Sports are supposed to be about excellence in achievement. That seems to be on the wane these days. In lots of youth sports leagues around the country, every kid gets a trophy at the end of they year; the trend it to downplay “winning more games than someone else” in favor or “recognizing participation and […]

12/19/06 – Shameful NFL Performances Last Weekend

It’s Tuesday and so it’s time for the five worst NFL teams from last weekend: 5. Cincy: They had a lot to play for; they could have grabbed the top spot in the AFC wild-card race and stayed alive for the AFC North title. They laid an egg offensively and while it’s not embarrassing to […]

12/18/06 – Those Sorry-Ass Raiders…

Does anyone remember “Commitment to Excellence” and/or “Pride and Poise”? Those were more than slogans; those phrases represented what the Oakland Raiders franchise sought in its teams from year to year. And it worked. The Raiders were a great franchise for a long time. After yesterday’s game, Al Davis said something along the lines that […]

Mythical Picks NFL – Weekend of 12/16/06

Were I a profiteer, I would announce that I had a spectacular weekend of “mythical picking” last week and was now going to charge money for folks to be allowed to lay their eyes on my weekly selections. I made 17 picks last weekend. My record was 16-1. That produced a Mythical Profit of $1490 […]

12/15/06 – This Is NOT a Fantasy Football Hotspot

Every once in a while, I get an e-mail from a reader and it’s perfectly obvious that the missive comes from someone who is new to these rants. Yesterday, I got one asking why I don’t pay more attention to the fantasy football aspects of the happenings in the NFL and then it proceeded to […]