Monthly Archives: September 2006

9/29/06 – Terrell Owens’ “Suicide Attempt”

I’ve called this news conference to tell everyone assembled here that I did not try to commit suicide last night as I pondered writing this piece. I want everyone to be clear on that point. I admit I have gagged on the over-reaction of the media to this story. But I was never in danger […]

9/8/06 – Jailing the “BALCO Journalists”

I’m not going to make any new friends today, but that is sort of what “curmudgeon-ness” is all about. I want to hold up a big bright caution flag with regard to what seems like universal calls for the two San Francisco Chronicle reporters to be free of any jail time for failing to respond […]

NFL Preseason Analysis 9/4/06

It’s that time of year again when I make my NFL predictions and guesstimates. As always, I’ll leave these up on the website so that everyone can make fun of my mistakes as the year goes on. And at the end of the season, I’ll go back and grade myself on what I said here […]