Monthly Archives: April 2006

4/24/06 – The Duke Lacrosse Meltdown

It had been my intention not to make any pronouncements regarding the Duke Lacrosse situation until after the legal proceedings were over. That is what I did with the Kobe Bryant “situation” and that is what I hoped to do here. However, I have to comment on an aspect of the current set of events […]

4/19/06 – The Mythology of the NFL Draft

The whole idea behind the NFL draft – and the entry draft in every other professional sport of any stature in the US – is that the teams at or near the bottom rung of the ladder should have the first pick in the entry draft. That position in the draft will help them to […]

4/6/06 – MLB Pitchers And The Institution Of Marriage

I often refer here to my long-suffering wife. Just so you understand, we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in July of this year; she is long-suffering by almost any measure you’d like to apply. Even the Israelites got a reprieve after 40 years of wandering in the desert; therefore she is about to endure […]

4/6/06 – Baseball’s Iron Triangle

Sociologists and political scientists sometimes refer to the Military Industrial Complex as an “iron triangle”. It refers to a cozy relationship among the private sector weapons builders, the Pentagon bureaucrats and the Congress because each actor in this opera can move toward achieving goals important to them by associating with the other two actors. Don’t […]