Monthly Archives: April 2005

4/20/05 – Washington Nationals versus Reality

If you are reading something I wrote, you must have more than a passing interest in sports. Therefore, you have to know already that major league baseball has returned to Washington DC this year after a 34-year hiatus. If that news item has escaped your awareness, let me welcome you back to the world of […]

4/19/05 – This Year’s NFL Dradt

If the US Congress could figure out a way to collect one penny for every word written about the upcoming NFL Draft and about the myriad mock drafts and about players moving up on draft boards and about other players sliding down to lower rounds, they would resolve the Social Security liquidity problem overnight. After […]

4/10/05 – Memo To Sports Annuoucers …

I actually checked in to see The Masters this afternoon because I wondered if there was going to be some kind of dramatic event there that would call down the rhetorical lightening bolts from the sky starting this evening. It sounded like the voice over commentary for the Pope’s funeral – – and mind you, […]