Monthly Archives: August 2004

8/30/04 – The NFL and Los Angeles

Throughout history, there have been intrigues. People love intrigues; they love guessing games. Currently we have the constant flirtation between the NFL and Los Angeles to provide the grist for rumor and innuendo and interpretation of signals. For the record, if I were an NFL fan living in the Los Angeles area and was not […]

8/25/04 – The NFL on Television

Thankfully, we are halfway through the NFL Exhibition Season. Watching the second half of an NFL exhibition game is like panning for gold; you are going to see a whole lot of dross before you come across a small speck that gives you some hope. The scrubs in the games at that point will not […]

8/15/04 – Bud Selig Ain’t Bad After All

I read that the baseball owners were about to hold one of their meetings – the one where they will find yet another reason to postpone deciding where to put the Montreal Expos – about now. And one of the agenda items at that meeting is a motion to offer Bud Selig a three-year extension […]