Monthly Archives: March 2004

3/23/04 – Is Dr. Myles Brand A Fraud?

Dr. Myles Brand took his job at the NCAA with great fanfare. Athletics and athletic departments were out of control. They had strayed from the true mission of the universities they represented. And Dr. Brand would set them straight. After all, he was a former university president and he was the guy who fired Bob […]

3/11/04 – Once In A Lifetime For Every Sports Fan …

This missive is intended for fans of NCAA basketball. If you are a sports fan in general and kinda like college hoops, this is for you too. If you just hate basketball because of the noise of squeaking shoes on hardwood courts, you can stop reading now because none of this will interest you – […]

3/3/04 – How to Salvage Baseball’s Credibility…

This is a really goofy idea. Please notice I did not start out here with something cutesy and say that it was it was an idea out of left field or off-the-wall. Assuming that you have read some of the stuff I have put forth previously, that might make you sit back and catch your […]