Monthly Archives: August 2003

8/18/03 – Dave Bliss Self Destructs…

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind here is that a young man, Patrick Dennehy, is dead. Since the official autopsy says he was shot twice in the head, it is reasonable to assume that he did not die of natural causes or some horrible accident. Whether Patrick Dennehy was a […]

8/17/03 – Pete Rose And Major League Baseball

If you have been reading these rants for any period of time, you must realize by now that I think Pete Rose should have been in the MLB Hall of Fame a long time ago. The number of reasons for that opinion is in excess of 4,250. And I believe that the Hall of Fame […]

8/5/03 – Matt Millen’s Fine

Instead of trying to turn the Detroit Lions’ hiring of Steve Mariucci into some kind of monumental historical decision that may be a fulcrum for societal change in the US – which it is not – allow me to look coldly at what transpired. Let’s look at the fine levied against Matt Millen for what […]